Monday, May 8, 2017

"The Bridge" - GCR/RV Overview 5/8/17

I love bridges.

Both my grandfather and father were bridge builders.

So too am I.

Brick by brick, we've been laying the foundation of a long and invisible pass into what could have been nowhere. Together.

We built it on pure faith, hope and love. The greatest of these being love.

A little logic was thrown in. Some science most recently. Geopolitics was always to keep our minds sharp while we waited.

But all these elements helped build a vibrational expanse from one reality to the next.

Now we are ready to take the final step, and leap away from whatever life we once led, to whatever life we will now experience.

Sure, haters will come in late, that's what haters do. But you've shunned them to this point, why give them a foothold on your path now.

You won't. Because your quest is sacred. Sobeit.

And for all these confusing weeks, months and years--you have long held onto something that you could neither explain or necessarily prove--but always knew existed.

And here it is. Right now. In front of your face staring back, with one last step to take. Your last and yet your first.

And all you must do is keep walking, just as you have relentlessly done and will continue to do as long as you have feet to move forward... and even then... nothing can stop your truth.

So walk with me one more step in faith, on our Christ bridge to heaven.

You might be amazed at what God has waiting for all his righteous children on the other side.

God is with us.

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