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Bruce:  Welcome everyone to the Big Call tonight. We have a nice international reach now. We are getting heard in different parts of the world that we didn’t use to a few years ago. I believe last Tuesdaycall we had about 370 people from Kurdistan that listened in. That is amazing. I am pleased that we are reaching the Middle East as well as other parts of the Globe as the Far East, South Africa, South America as Argentina, Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe as in France, Great Britain, etc.

Bruce:  I am pleased and love that today is May 2, 2017 and we have May Day is over. This May Day is a lot different because it seems to be more about a worker socialism day, something that closed the banks around the world except for United States, Canada, and Australia. Those 3 countries were the only ones that the banks were actually open.  What that did it focused on the some of the attention and Intel we got, but it didn’t please a lot of people that were doing international type transactions because they couldn’t complete them yesterday.  It took until the markets opened in China and Hong Kong about 9:00pm,9:30pm last night to sort of bring everything back again.  It was sort of a pause day for us.
Bruce:   It didn’t mean things didn’t occur but they did, but they occurred later in the day yesterday and last night. In fact a large fund out of the Philippians was opened up last night at about 6:00pm PST or9:00pm EST.  That was opened up and released it was released not to just us, but to 192 countries. This fund will be used to fund hundreds of thousands humanitarian projects. The release of this fund, referred to as” the bottomless pit”, a large fund is just almost the bottomless pit. When that opened up that was the last major thing to occur before the blessing is to be release to us.

Bruce:  We know that we have had Tier 1, 2, and 3 account transactions handled with some liquidity and access to funds, and still some with funds showing in the banks with a pending signal by the account. They can see there is money in the account, but no access to the account. My understanding is that status could change even overnight tonight. That is very encouraging. Those of us in Tier 4, the Internet group, will probably start very shortly because we are at the point we are ready for that to occur. We had a pause between Sunday and yesterday with May Day going on.

Bruce:  What is going on in Iraq?  My understanding is a number of announcements, 5 or 6, were made in the Mosques a few days ago. We may have the availability to hear those announcements or some other announcements relative to those tomorrow morning Iraq time, or late tonight United States time. We have been told those announcements were scheduled for a day later, but since things are moving along nicely they may move those up to the time frame I mentioned.

Bruce:  I believe there were 3 announcements made this morning regarding Iraq, China, and United States that were made mid morning today, but not for our ears.  Not for us, but for the international financial community.  Those occurred and served the purpose they were designed for.

Bruce:  We do know the banks are synchronizing the rates of the currencies in the first basket and a 2ndbasket have been trading. Currencies we hold already for exchange have been trading upward.  The rates have been going up. They continue to go up into an area we didn’t expect. I didn’t expect them to be this high, the range this high, and this includes all of them. Everybody should be extremely pleased.

Bruce:  The rates were changing so dramatically that the screens were flickering, flashing to where you couldn’t see the rates stabilized unless you had a strobe light. That changed from the situation yesterday where today the rates were updating, flashing approximately every minute. They are visible and you can see them, but subject to some increase due to trading. That is positive for us. It is sort of like they are settling down. The flashing on the screen has reduced from high changes to stable every minute or so. We can look at it as though the banks around the world continue to get updated with new rates and synchronize and in prep mode for this to release.
Bruce:  When are we going to get the toll free number? My understanding is I will receive the toll free number. I am honored to be selected for that purpose. I will take that information with good care, and follow the protocol. If I were to receive the number in the middle of the night, this is to be a day time event. I may get instruction to release it during the day.  I don’t know that yet. They do want this to be a day time event.

Bruce:   I know that security has been beefed up, and still on active status at the Redemption Centers, and at some of the banks that have international currency trading desks and also participating in this. Most of us will have an 800 number that will focus us toward the Redemption Centers.  People will be able to utilize some Tier 1 and some of the 2 banks. Some of the major banks will be in a position to exchange the ZIM for a very short time, like 4 days. Then they will be changed to HSBC. They will be feeder banks that will help HSBC collect the ZIM currency out there that a customer might have that exchange through the Tier 1 and some Tier 2 banks for a very short period of time.

Bruce:  Most of us will use the 800 number and have it on the Big Call website: thebigcall.net for a period of time as long as we can keep it there. You can go to the site to see it, and post it couple of locations online that you are use to going to. That is the overall plan for finding out when and all that. Check the web site: thebigcall.net occasionally to see.  We are not going to email anybody nor do mass mailing. That is not in the plan
Bruce:  Today is Tuesday. We hope that the release takes place before our next call, Thursday night.  We will do a call next Thursday if we don’t have the blessing prior. If we do, we will probably not do a callnext Thursday, but do a pre-celebration call, do a link and place it on our site and couple of other locations.

Bruce:  This call, the Big Call, we tried to keep this call a non political call 6 years ago. We have listeners from both sides, Independents, a variety of listeners. My goal is to provide accurate information, things you can use, and with Big Call University we bring information no one else have, but something you can use and also Pastor Steven teaching. To have that team and that type of information I love the fact we can put that out in a way that edifies people. Allows them to grow, learn, and experience something new on every call. I appreciate the faithfulness of the listeners we have on the Big Call.

Bruce:  We are not a political call.  We generally don’t go there. You know tonight one of the biggest things we will ever do is Rebuild America. I came up with this a few months ago. It does mesh nicely with President Trump’s agenda to make America great again. It dove tails with that concept nicely. I am pleased that things are moving in that direction for us as a country. I think we can come together we all want the very best for our country. We do want America rebuilt. We want America be great again.

Bruce:  I am not trying to polarize anyone on this call. I am encouraged that the President and the Administration is looking to put together r a very postage tax plan for us to allow us to yes pay less taxes probably but be able to do things that will really inspire and build our economy in this country to bring it up to a thriving economy. It is about creating jobs, helping people and lifting and elevates people and raising the playing field for everybody. When we help people whereof it is around this country, we won’t care whether they are politically. We are not going to get in to the politics s of it.

Bruce:  I want to applaud the administration and President for taking us in that direction. I know not all is in agreement with everybody on this call. We want to help other people, less fortunate as well. We are called to do, that is part of this blessing. We know this is coming for us and a very real sense we have been chosen for a time for this. When we go about to rebuild America, helping the veterans, the missionaries and all we do with community gardens, aquaponics, farming, it is to help our country as a whole. I want you to realize that is what we want to bring. It is not a political agenda. Agenda of one, a concept we come together to be one, a force that  is more loving, caring, and giving, and forgiving of each other and others. That is my heart, you know my heart.

Bruce:  You have heard me for years talk about how we love everybody on this call. We want to show you that, as we take this thing not just to the United States but also around the world. There is a lot of need. That is why when you go into the Redemption Centers and see rates available and you have private negotiable rates on the ZIM that can take it sky high, consider what you plan to do with these funds.  What I want to do is use my god fund for all my humanitarian projects and ministry. Maybe some of you want to do this too, and go with a god fund too using 95 percent or more of your ZIM exchange for your god fund.
Bruce:  I am looking forward to partnering with many of you who are listening to the call. I am looking for at least 5000 to be part of the rebuild America program. To rebuild cities, build cities, schools, clinics, recreation centers, etc. Big call and Big Call University is here to serve. I am excited about this and coming together with a new portal, website, podcasts, cine together let you blog and have all of that and there we will have a template what we plan to do around the country in  the 50 states and 100 cities, adopt a city, adopt a town, adopt a community.  That is the concept behind Rebuild America.

Bruce:  I just want to thank anyone that is listening from the administration to know our heart on this. Anything we do to rebuild America we are trying to come together as a nation, not here to divide but to unify. That is what I am saying and sticking to it.

Bruce:  Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent and all for listening. We appreciate you listening to the Big Call. WE are looking for this to come in way of our blessing very shortly and hopefully before ourThursday night call which case we will let you know with a short celebration all in a form of a link and a toll free number will be posted on the Big Call website. We will let you know when that occurs. Check the site every once in a while. We do believe it will be a day time event. I believe the instructions will be put it out sometime in the day, don’t know when. We will find that out.

Bruce:  Thank you all for tuning in tonight, and all those in the banking community, and those in the Trump Administration for listening in.  Thank you everybody, stand firm, and now we stand in faith. Good night everybody.


NOTE:  Due to helping out my family, my Sister-in-law is now or soon will be entering into hospice for ALS disease. I need to be there for her and my brother more. With that in mind, I will only be able to transcribe on Tuesday nights for the Big Call. I am very sorry that I will not be able to transcribe on Thursday nights anymore. I hope you all understand.  Our family is very close, and we are always there for each other, and I need to be there more than ever now and not just on the weekends.  Again, I will still be transcribing on Tuesday nights until this blessing occurs, and just maybe it will be so before Thursday. That would be awesome for all of us and those of whom we will bless. Thank you.

​Love and Hugs to All,

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