Friday, May 12, 2017

Tank Notes from RealTruthCall 5/11/17 , 12 MAY

Hey all, no sleep here!

The Real Truth Call was pretty good, Tank comes on at about the 115 minute mark. Generally speaking, he says at least Tiers 1 and 2 are done, Tier 3 is nearly done and we (first part of Tier 4) should have started already. He says good news is that no one gets hydrated until we start/get 800#s. So no one has their money yet. Some people have gotten the numbers and he feels like he might be called before morning. He is very positive that the GCR/RV has started and will get to us before Monday, so he doesn't agree with Bruce. He knows Yosef has really good sources, and is the best regarding the geopolitical arena. 

He agreed with a caller that we need to stop looking at things through our poor, shackled and fear-based experiences of the past, e.g. stop looking for problems like thinking the bank will be trying to hurt us, or the NDA is a trap. In scripture the story of Jacob and Caleb is apropos: "The faithfulness of Joshua and Caleb teaches us that we are to stand for God even when others will not. When we do, God may choose to bless us in ways that will extend for generations to come." This is an infinite blessing, believe it is done and all of the things that have had to be accomplished (governments changed, cabal castration, new financial system, et al) are DONE. It is so, So it is. We are in the moment so embrace it! 

I feel good. 

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