Saturday, May 20, 2017

TANK Notes from RealTruthCall , 20 MAY

 RTC call - TANK

• We have been in the midst of the RV process for the past few weeks.  I can tell you now we are past the RV process - we have crossed over a vail

• On Wednesday we told you England was exchanging – I know for a fact that is true.  There was no big announcement – they just let people come in and exchange.

• The same is kinda true here – they have been exchanging those with the right connections.  I obviously do not have the right connection because I have been trying to exchange all day.

• I know someone personally who received money from relatives in England.  (they say the process is very simple)  They could not do this yesterday because our system had not been “turned on”.  Today that changed and money was wired.

• The fils (coins) come out tomorrow in Iraq.  

• The money has to come out to release the world and allow GESARA/NESARA.  Inexhaustible funds coming out and through us and to the world.

• Monday morning will be a new world – you /we will have spendable, unlimited funds.

• It is a fact that HSBC is exchanging here in the U.S.

• It is the first time I know it is really happening – I know people who have exchanged.

• We are now on the other side of the RV. We are finally there.

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