Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Rx" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 5/3/17

Mercury Retrograde ends today May 3rd at exactly 12:22pm EDT in NYC. 

That's also the exact time FBI Director James Comey will be testifying before a Senate Oversight committee in Washington, D.C. regarding his agency's Trump/Russia investigation.

Then on May 8th, a four day post Mercury Retrograde shadow phase ends as it passes through a high intensity period, exactly at the same time recently fired Obama appointed former Attorney General Sally Yates will be testifying before the House Intelligence Committee. 


These two events are scheduled in this way, by the Chinese Elders, for a specific astrological reason.

However on Sunday May 7th, the second phase of voting will commence in the French Presidential elections. 

Remember, France sits on the UN Security Council with one of five permanent member veto votes. Meaning, France can legally either stop start warfare... globally. 

There is a prevailing belief among RV analysts that sometime during the post Mercury Retrograde shadow period creates the best astrological "launch effect" for a private redemption release. 

There is another analytic belief that the Elders will wait until after the Retrograde (Rx) post shadow phase because of the French elections, and allow them to complete before releasing global monies in volume as a large financial event such as this could artificially influence the very important geopolitical election.

We know too private ZIM redemptions have been segmented separately from other currencies in terms of priority, and will will proceed on its own with a separate in-take strategy, apart from the other currencies due to printed face volume.

Precisely when mass US redemptions begin is still an unknown, but we understand all military and security personal, uniformed and plain clothed, have been deployed and are right now stationed near their targets.

The private redemption period is now to be considered a sovereign redemption period, as sovereign rates are what's re showing on front screens. 

This eliminates negotiating decision making and speeds up the overall redemption process.

It's also a reward to loyal humanitarians by the Elders who righteously waited to serve their fellow man.

God is with us.

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