Friday, May 5, 2017

"Rare" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 5/5/17

Humanity's RV can happen any moment, but won't until the French elections complete on Sunday.

France's next leader will determine the long term fate of the European Union, Euro currency and NATO.

Russia / China has vested stake in La Pen. While the US / UK / Germany all have a vested stake in Macron.

But Macron is up 22% points heading into Sunday's vote; so chances are he will win.

Russia and China will lose in Europe, but win in Syria and thus control the Middle East and in turn control oil production long term. Obviously they already control Asia and Eurasia.

The western world's renewed influence in Europe will balance out Russia's power in Eurasia and the EU will be reformed. Obama can be thanked or ridiculed for this--his strategy.

The Euro will probably stick around too as there are so many counties, cultures and languages in Europe they really do need a common currency in order to conduct fair trade.

Last night, Trump privately signed the budget before leaving for NYC. He's taking the weekend off starting today.

The Republic is very close to releasing his tax returns and removing him from politics permanently. They're just waiting on the RV too unfortunately.

HSBC made several deposits yesterday into WF regional accounts across America.

This fresh T4 money is to ultimately be transferred into personal exchange accounts.

This is important because HSBC does not trust WF, but is forced to work with them given WF's construction history with the redemption centers plus their pre-trained staff regarding the RV.

This means there is, at this moment, funds in the que, ready for transfer, inside of staffed redemption centers, with military protection.

Rates that have posted recently on the ZIM are not even close to being accurate. But the ZIM does continue to climb daily. As do all the currencies except the Afghani which is stable near $10.

The whole Israel/Palestine issue has been settled we're told. That's no longer a hold up and why Trump was allowed to sign the budget.

To force Israel into final surrender, China this year imposed a rare earth element (REE) embargo on their high tech industry.

These minerals can conduct heat at much higher temperatures and create more momentum, much longer in all types of products. Magnets and batteries especially.

This one move effectively crippled all future production for the Israeli money maker as 97% of all raw REE comes out of Chinese mines in Mongolia.

And this one sanction could have wiped out the entire Israeli economy in less than a year.

What's more scary, China can do the same to the US economy by boycotting sales of REE, as nearly everything technical we make or buy is made from some of these 17 REEs.

Btw: China controls the entire world market with an iron fist. Plus our US military is 100% dependent on China's REE to run all of our technical weapons operations, including night-vision goggles, laser range-finders, guidance systems, communications fluorescents and phosphors in lamps and monitors, amplifiers in fiberoptic data transmission, permanent magnets stable at high temperatures, precision-guided weapons “White Noise” production in stealth technology.

For these reasons, Netanyahu was forced to take the measly $38B in the 2017 US Federal Budget and the two state solution or be financially and military obliterated--or both.

Don't laugh, every other nation in the world had to subtlety take the same soft power deal including Russia.

Because the Chinese cornered the market on the future technology minerals back in the fifties, they purchase the vast majority of known reserves and achieved a worldwide mining domination of in-ground raw assets, so they have set the new rules.

The RV is not just about gold or silver per se. It's about control over He earth and all its resources including people.

This is why China is so buddy-buddy with Zimbabwe, who they will make the leading nation in all of Africa post RV.

China needs Africa's natural resources to control the future of mankind, and in exchange for half of everything mined, African nations get endless financial resources on the Elder's new asset backed global financial system.

So the argument could be made that Africans are as important to human evolution as the Chinese, who are officially now running the majority of world affairs now with Russian and Iranian muscle.

Kinda explains this picture a lot better, huh:

God is with us

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