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"Questions: Dave Schmidt/Zim Flat Rate/Time Line Split" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/21/17

Questions: Dave Schmidt / Zim Flat Rate / Time Line Split

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"To OWK: Operation Sand Paper"

Entry Submitted by wildfirelady at 5:04 PM EDT on May 20, 2017

I just received a phone call from a friend in PA. He has comtacts in Reno The WB. They have told him Dave Schmidt (Sedona Connection) has been telling people there will be no street rate for the Zim & Dinar. He did not mention the other currencies.

Question- How can he say this? Is this not one of the cabal operatives at work? He has a group that is supposed to be paid out and I have heard him on video telling people their projects must be approved by him or "his" people. Please check this out if you have not already done so.

Just trying to help.

Sincerely wildfirelady



Dave Schmidt is in fact promoting a Cabal agenda. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING HE SAYS. I happen to know that he has been compromised and no longer trustworthy. Here is a post I recent wrote about him:

"About Dave Schmidt (Again)" - One Who Knows - 5.17.17

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"ZIM Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Butterfly at 12:32 PM EDT on May 20, 2017

Is it true that people with only 1 ZIM note to exchange will be offered a flat rate? If so, do you have any idea of what that amount might be? I have already gifted several 100-tr ZIM notes--which is way more than I intended at the time, but it is a fair accompli, and I will have to deal with it. But now I have a few 10-trillion ZIM notes that I would like to gift to people--but not if they will be offered 10 trillion USD per note--they would be too shocked and would not be prepared to handle such a sum. They might even think it was drug money. I know I could do the exchange and pass on to them a million or more USD, but they would not want to accept such a sum from me, whereas I think they WOULD accept one ZIM note that will look to them like Monopoly money anyway. Advice, please? Thank you for this, and all your other enlightening posts!




By your question I realize that you may have heard that people walking off the street with a couple of zim notes will get the Flat Rate. THAT IS OLD NEWS! Frankly, the last I heard, the high non NDA rates will be on the front screens. That means that during the early exchange time, anyone walking in off the street will get the high rates automatically. 

However, that being said, I doubt that they will get them right at that bank. I am quite sure that they will be redirected to an offsite exchange center to exchange with HSBC, who is the ONLY one who will be exchanging ZIM. 

The Best course of action for ANYONE WITH ZIM, is to call the special 800#s (Toll free number no matter what numbers it starts with), and set up an appointment with the exchange center to exchange Zim. THIS GOES FOR ANY ZIM AT ALL NO MATTER THE SIZE OR AMOUNT OF THE ZIM. In short if you have zim, you will exchange with HSBC at an offsite center.

Later, After High Rate Time Is Over

Later, long after we have exchanged and the offsite exchange centers are closed down permanently, some people will still have zim because they didn't know to exchange it yet. If they come into a bank, I expect that they will get the SUPER LOW FLAT RATE for each ZIM note, depending on the size. In other words, if you have a $100T zim note you would get maybe $200 million for it. Please note that this is a guess, as the Flat rates that will be in effect have not been set yet. If that is the Flat rate for the $100T note, for example, then the $50T note will most likely be $100 million, and the $10T will be $20 million. Again these are guesses for now, but it does explain how the Flat Rate concept works. I wrote a post that explains the Flat Rate Plan:

"Zim Flat Rate" - One Who Knows - 4.3.17

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RE: Questions by Taxibenji

My friend the Universe is a wondrous place, which is all about exploring and learning. You have several questions in your post, so I am just going to post the whole thing here and then see if I can address some of your questions and thoughts.

********** Begin Post/Questions **********

"Re: Timelines Split" by Taxibenji - 5.20.17

Entry Submitted by Taxibenji at 9:41 AM EDT on May 20, 2017

Greetings from paris France. 

I read the above post about timelines split and just like "B" it raised me a few questions..

I first have a more general question : incarnation .. reincarnation 

I have a daughter ... I would like to know who she is ? I mean that I procreated her with my ex wife.. she is my flesh (physically speaking) but who is she (spiritually speaking) ?

Let's consider that I am a soul from another solar system, reincarnated in a human body for whatever purpose for example. .. could my daughter (here on earth) by a sister of mine from that solar system ? 

Back to timelines split...

An important question I have about timelines split is about my relatives... (mom, dad, my ex wife, her daughter and our daughter. .) And our relatives in general..

My parents are very nice persons, loving and protecting... they care for their children and grand children... but, they are not in "service to others" as it is "defined" in the law of one... the ascension process.. sort of.. so what time line is awaiting them ? 3d or 5d ?

My ex wife ? A very loving mother with very few defaults. .. but the same as my parents... what about her ? 3d or 5d ?

And my daughter ? My loving daughter ?.. she is 8 years old.. she does and believe what i tell her... she speaks to her stones (lapis lazulli, tiger eyes, jade, and all the other one icannot translate in english..), she tries magnetism, we hug the trees when we go walking in the forest, she saves every insect she can.. and cries when her mom smashes a spider.. she wants to become vegetarian just like me.... but she is learning... i'am not sure she is ready yet... is there a "optional timeline split" for children that are not grown enough to meet the 5d "requirements" ? 

Thanks in advance for your reply. .


********** End Post/Questions **********

First let's talk about "Soul Groups" which are souls that work together in many different lifetimes. Here is a VERY good video from Michael Newton who explains many things on this:

Dr. Michael Newton - A Special Book Excerpt About Dr. Michael Newton Past Life Regression Research

Michael Newton Ph.D - Journey of Souls

My Personal (Soul Group) Story

I was talking to one of my "Higher" contacts on the other side and they were telling me about my relationship with my son. In this life, I am the Dad, and he is my son. But in prior lifetimes, we have been Father and Son many times, but also Mother and Daughter, and even Sisters. 

Remembering that this Universe is all about exploring, experimenting, and learning all the while, we have tried many different ways to be related. So in your case, it may be the same. People who are your family, and close friends, may be in your soul group, and be with you from life time to life time.

As For The Time Line Split

I have heard many who worry about the time line split and there is nothing to worry about now. I have written a post that answers this so well, that I am going to insert the whole post here for you to read. In short, there will be plenty of tools and help to get as many people to 5d as WANT to go. Bearing in mind that as weird as it sounds, there are some who WANT to stay in 3d. Here is the Post that addresses this question:

********** Begin Post/Answer **********

"You Will Make It To 5D!" - One Who Knows - 5.19.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 10:04 PM EDT on May 19, 2017

You Will Make It To 5D!

I wanted to address this question that many have about themselves and others. They are worried that they or others may be left behind in the 3d World and I want to dispel that worry.

This is a short post the alleviate any worries about helping themselves and others to get to 5D. You will have three tools to help yourself and others get there.

#1) Money

You will have tons of money to not only alleviate your own sense of Lack (Lower Consciousness) but help others as well get to the higher consciousness of Abundance.

#2) Healing Technologies & Healing Ships

This will help people get into perfect health in every way to feel better and again this will raise consciousness even higher as well.

#3) Mentors

We will be each assigned a Mentor who will help us understand this World change and answer every question we have. These are Galactic Beings that you will already know. It has been said by Zorra that they will be Friends and Loved ones who have passed over (Ascended) and will already know you and care about you as well.

So, what I have been explaining to you is what is coming in the time line split. It is up to you to start focusing on what is coming in 5d and not what once was in 3d. Think of the Golden Age of Earth and what that is going to mean!!!!!

The Bottom Line

I have confirmed with "Source" that the final Deadline to Vibrationaly Choose one timeline or the other will be AFTER the mentors have come and helped us get ready. Many have already chosen, and left to Terra 2 (3d World). Many others have already chosen and are Vibrationally sufficient to be in 5 D already. But the rest of us who still have not chosen one way or the other (By our Vibrations), will have time and help to be(come) compatible with the higher frequency of 5d.

All Is Well!

********** End Post/Answer **********


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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