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"Question: Safety of Banks" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/7/17

Question: Safety of Banks


Dear Patrick and the One Who Knows

Can I please get an answer on my questions? 

I am NOT worried - I am also one who remembers Maldek and have been persecuted for who I am and for what I do for 25 years - working in the background co creating all the new grids for our sweet planet Gaia and Mother Nature. Most of the Earth quakes are not natural - all this is planned so mankind gets used to it only some few are natural consequences of the shift into a new position.

I just do not want to make any mistake as it is very different if I present myself as a Lightworker with all the wonderful work and projects to be realized or if I present myself in the bank as a professional with great projects and a good cash flow .what we are not after this time bit changing the world.

Bankers even trained do not change from Cabal behavior to a spiritual realm by order. They do their job. So what is better for us ? For my vision this also depends on the nation we are calling in. In the US all is well prepared even with military protection of the people but what in Latin America? Nobody tells us about the political Cabals here and the tremendous corruption in all important positions of all States Entities? 

20 years ago I was ready to go with all projects declared in the FED - they have been accepted burt I was too open as one of my mission streams is bringing the financial world and the material world together as YIn and Yang. FED never let the payments through fro legal money I made( Billions I would have spend to realize my projects for the Institution and Foundation) - Working un the underground as Healer of many kind (energy - distant - enlightened Reiki - therapist, enlightened nutrition - multidimensional quantum healing - cancer cure = a second stream of my mission.I am saving people one by one who God sends to me while the world is suffering the consequences of diseases created to eliminate mankind in many ways. Rising consciousness is another stream and also works underground.

god said 28 years ago - you need to grow into the top of the financial world - I did to see the whole of mess and how we get blocked out of helping men to wake up - again Underground, coming out as International Speaker 12012 among many in the US - but here in Latin America (I am German), came out as transformational author, artist, and business women at the other side 

How to make sure we present ourselves the way it is expected as there are so many contradictions in the several posts. One says we just have to show that we are dedicated to planetary evolution and negotiate the highest rate. THIS IS THE KEY TO GET AN UNLIMITED FLOW and the other side says WE HAVE TO PRESENT PROJECTS WITH PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS AND CASH FLOW . Well I can deliver both. Is it up to FEEL the banker upfront and to decide in the instant by energy reading? 

We got a wonderful list what to ask and how to make sure we know all we need to know - this list is professional not spiritual - does this mean we have to let spirituality back again and act as kings and queens being rich and powerful to get through the diligence to get the high rates? 

Are the bankers trained a way to let their corrupt behavior in the drawer or will they still try to get us out of business by tricks and contracts that take people down who never got in touch with the real corrupt behavior of banks and their games? One of my clients re-signed a contract without me as the principle died - he was told no need to bring me as it is the same contract - they just added one sentence and with this one line he signed over all his properties and the money not even being able to claim by law as he signed it free will = 14 Billion USD. In a blink of an eye we were done..... 

My question is not based in fear more as being focused to turn the financial situation in the world and we need to be high attentive. No military protection in other countries as the USA - what o we do being else where?

Thanks a lot for all your divine service sending you eternal blessings for ever breath you take

This letter can be published if felt so or answered directly



Dear Friend,

I feel your worry and concern and yet EVERYTHING you worry about is already gone.

We are in a new World, with New Governments, New Banking systems, New software that tracks transactions 40 ways in either direction, new money wiring systems that can not be hacked, new financial satellites that orbit the earth that are quantum coded and can not be hacked or stopped.

The Rothschilds do not own nor are they a part of ANY financial related organization.

In our country the Federal reserve and the IRS are already gone, just not public yet.

You have NOTHING to worry about. Even if, a Banker wanted to do "Something" wrong, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for him to do so. The new financial system was designed to be impossible to thwart.

Above all, trust in the new World, the New Golden Age. Free yourself, of your worries, for they no longer have any basis.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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