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"Question: Fear Mongering & Lies" - One Who Knows /Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee 5/28/17

Question: Fear Mongering & Lies

I am responding to this post below which I received by email as well. It is a good example of the Fear Mongering that is going on in private settings where the Perpetrators of this Fear Mongering think they will be safe from Prosecution and being blocked from exchanging themselves. BUT THEY ARE WRONG. Operation "Sand Paper" was launched to take down the perpetrators of harmful Disinformation and it is still ongoing to this day, and will be until after the Republic is announced to the World. As a reminder, here are the Posts about that Republic "Operation Sand Paper:"

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

"Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper" - One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox - 5.16.17

As a further reminder to these Cabal Minions, here are announcements and Warnings from Grandfather:

"Message from Grandfather" - One Who Knows - 4.24.17

"Judgement Day" - Channeled Message of GrandFather 5-19-17

It should be noted that ANY Fear Mongering that harms people, affecting their Exchanges, and/or projects will be considered a High Crime as it is a Million dollar loss, if not a trillion dollar loss. I wrote a post on what would happen to people who in example, quote low Rates on Zim:

"Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?" - One Who Knows - 3.30.17

In case any Cabal Minion and Troll wonders if these Threats are REAL, you might want to read this post:

"IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update" - One Who Knows - 5.13.17

By the way, there have been MANY who have been taken down and arrested just based on the posts they sent to Patrick, that were not even published, but still led to their take down. Remember, it is "Intent" that matters and that can be ascertained just as easily from a unpublished post as it is in a published post.

Now, that we have covered the message to those who continue to promote this Fear Mongering, let's deal with this latest Cabal Agenda Non sense... shall we?

- My Words (Responses) Are In Blue -


"Question for One Who Knows" by Camdoc - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by Camdoc at 5:39 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

I would appreciate further light and knowledge.
Dan Ecklund, MD

A Warning to Project Proponents

I have been hearing some new warnings for the last week directed at those who invest in currency in order to finance a project. YES we were told that is the “right reason” to get involved in the GCR. YES we were told that it was good for us to fund humanitarian and infrastructure projects.

I have heard some new warnings from several people who may be more connected in the process of exchange and projects than I am. I DO NOT KNOW THAT THESE THINGS ARE TRUE, only that I have heard them several times in the last week, from two principles in a swap, from a broker in Cypress trying to take over a swap, and from a well-known dinar “guru” who is pretty well respected, but who did not write this for the public.

He (Bad Guy) did not write this for public view because he didn't want to get in trouble. But it doesn't matter if you mislead millions or just one person, it is still a crime and will be dealt with. This would be like a criminal saying I only stole money from "one person" or "One group of people" and I only ruined their life, but, I didn't do it publicly! Sorry Cabal, it only takes hurting one person to take you down.

Here is what I am hearing: There is a finite amount of cash for your projects—it is not endless. Keep the rules that will be given to you. If you mess up, the Elders will be happy to “launch” you into the street, remove your funds, and the funds of those who are associated with you. There is no second chance.

This is ridiculous, I have already said in several posts that there will be no oversight on your projects. This is why they will be very careful to figure out what kind of a person you are during your exchange appointment. They know, that if you are a Light Worker, you need no supervision as you can hardly be stopped! However, if you are not, then you won’t be needing the high rates in the first place. Not bad, nor wrong. The rates will still be very good for those who are not doing Humanitarian projects. 

Much of the information that you hear about things being “ready” to exchange are from currency flippers (intermediaries, brokers) who want to separate you from your currency and sell it to a higher buyer, BEFORE the actual time of exchange has arrived.

This is a whole lot of nonsense. Things are ready and in fact going right now. 

Previously, it was emphasized to do humanitarian and infrastructure projects. Now, it is emphasized that your project does NOT need to be non-for-profit. Good profit making projects are also welcome. We want to get more money flowing in the economies.

The Elders couldn't care less on this matter. My personal opinion on the matter is that if your project is making money, something is wrong. Are you paying your workers as much as you could? Are you giving your products or services to others for free? How is it that you are making a profit, when you have Trillions coming to you endlessly? You won't be judged on this, but Profit is a Cabal concept. Free is an Elders perspective as can be seen in the fact they have given the World all of the Gold they had saved and given their lives protecting for generations. We are on a high speed mission to the higher Consciousness of Abundance, and from that perspective, Profit does not make sense.

As Bruce said recently on The BIG Call, audits have been inserted into all breaks and pauses in the situation thus far. Audits between tiers, audits for different bank types, etc. We understand that audits will continue to be in effect for those receiving money for projects.

This has been twisted from what it REALLY means. The "audits" were to make sure that the Banks had enough money to cover our coming exchanges. I am sure some banks needed even more money to be sure to have enough to cover our exchanges. This idea of Audits for Projects is complete B.S. This is FEAR MONGERING. Whenever someone does this, they want to control you, so that you will do what they say. They will be held responsible for their words and actions when their "Domino" falls!

Know this: You get the rate you want from the Exchange, and then go have fun and Joy doing all the things you wanted to do and whatever else comes to mind. No one is looking over your shoulder, Light Workers do not need that, and the Elders know that. They TRUST you and LOVE you as well. 


The above information contrasts with other information we have received, which says that there is NOT an end to the amount of funding which will be available for funding projects, as trading platforms and other means will continue to regenerate the funds for these projects.


There is also information which says that Tier IV trades will not be done, and thus project funding, only after the Tier I and II trades have been taken care of. This may involve delays of days, weeks or months.

This is a whole lot of NOTHING. Don't bother with this, as all that matters to you is the money you get for your currencies and what you will do with it to help the World.


It seems –FEELS LIKE—these warnings are more in line with the Cabal philosophy than that of the Elders, if we are talking black hats and white hats. But it is possible that the Elders, and even some factions of the Elders, which I know there are, have adopted these principles in order to keep us “Chosen Ones” from getting out of our Sheeple corrals. I invite discussion from the chat rooms which invite discussion. If someone wants to send this to One Who Knows I would be most grateful to hear what he has to say.


Again, the Elders are of a VERY HIGH VIBRATION, which translates to LOVE and ABUNDANCE. Any view of the Elders that is not in line with Utter Love, Abundance and Benevolence, are Cabal Lies. Don't be taken in by that nonsense.

All is well and better than you know!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans
Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

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