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"Question: Abandon Groups? YES!" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/27/17

Question: Abandon Groups? YES!


"Emergency Question for OWK"

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Many thanks for all you do.

Question: we are members of a sub group of one of the better known groups. We still have our currency, though we are on this group's spread sheet. We are now being told that if we don't exchange with this group, we will not be allowed to exchange at all. Will we be shut out of exchanging if we choose not to exchange with this group?

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The first thing I will say is "LUCKY YOU that you still have your currencies!" Here is a post I wrote when a Cabal Minion was trying to promote Groups:

"To: Witch Doctor, Re: Groups" - One Who Knows - 2.16.17

I don't care if they have you on their sheet, or whatever, so what! Having the currency in your hand makes you the owner and there is nothing they can do about it. Simply send them a note that says you have changed your mind!

Points To Consider:

#1) Can the Group get a Higher Rate than you? NO!

You can ask for the highest "Privately Negotiated Rates" there are as an individual. Most groups will exchange at VERY LOW RATES & charge you a fee as well.

#2) Will you get paid faster in a Group? NO!

When you exchange as an individual, you will walk out the door Liquid, cash in hand. The Group on the other hand, will have to arrange a pay master who will first get the money and will at some future date arrange to send it to you.

#3) Will The Group do this for Free? NO!

They will charge you from the exchange amount in fees, and whatever else they add on to take part of your money. That is the reason they are threatening you because they want to get part of your money if you are lucky, or get all of your money if you are not lucky.

#4) Can the Group threaten you to send them your currency? NO!

If you still have it in your hand, it is yours to exchange and there is nothing they can do about it. I have another case just like yours that I am following up on and the NPTB are going to take them down after the exchange. Frankly, please send your information and the group details on your case, to Patrick to forward to me and they will be "Dealt" with!

#5) If you have money in a group already, and buy more yourself, can they threaten you to send the rest you have to them to exchange? NO!

This is the EXACT situation I referred to above. The guy had already sent money to a group to buy-in on Zim, but now they want the other currencies he bought himself. THEY CAN NOT DO THAT. They made the same threat that he could not exchange twice, but that is a LIE. If you are in a group already, the group can exchange, as a group, and you can still exchange as an individual! Again, if you have a group that is threatening you, send the information to Patrick to get to me and I will get it dealt with. THIS IS A CRIME OF HUGE PROPORTIONS.

#6) If you sent you currency to a Group already, can you get it back? Yes, but likely no!

At this point for all those who already sent in your currency, the best thing you can do is get more currency to exchange yourself, and hope the group is legitimate and does exchange like they are supposed to. You should know that any "Groups" that do not perform as they said they would, will be shut down so fast, and locked up so fast, it will blow their little Cabal minds. I don't care where you are on this planet. We are in a new World where EVERY government in the World operates under the VERY SAME GESARA laws and Cabal activities will no longer be permitted. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that groups are not the way to go. Even if you are already in a group, you will want to have currency in your hands that you exchange yourself. #1) It saves you in case the group is a Fraudulent one, #2) You will likely get way more money on your own exchange than you get from the group, and #3) You will get your money way faster from your individual exchange than you will from the Group.

In short, groups were formed in the early days before we all knew what was going on. Many of them were Cabal inspired (NOT ALL), and as such were meant to limit your returns, control you money or just take it outright. Again, some groups were legitimate, but they still had SUPER LOW rates. You are way better off exchanging as an individual. Threats from these groups are NOT PERMITTED, and will be dealt with.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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