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Peoples Dinar Member News Excerpts & Highlights, 11 MAY

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Member News Excerpts & Highlights

MrsClassy:    Rasheed Bank starts tomorrow to sell the dollar for travelers at the official exchange rate

09/05/2017 Economy news Baghdad:   Detect good Tuesday, Bank performance on Wednesday to sell the dollar for travelers at the official rate, adding 10 branches in Baghdad to sell the dollar.

Good Bank said in a press release received "news" economy, ", the Bank will proceed Wednesday with selling the passenger and assigned price.
The Bank said that "a number of bank branches were allocated to receive travelers wishing to purchase and branches are the airport and Yarmouk and walshorgh session and loosened it inspired spring and willing to Saleheya and walkrkh Hatun dash."

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VictorD:     Could this be the start of the end of the auctions?

Payray:     Interesting article... Do not want to get too optimistic about it though... We shall see what 5/10/2017 brings...

Hstrymknwmn:   I like that it states "official exchange rate" let's see if it actually happens.

Thepreacherman2017:  Hstrymknwmn,   My thoughts exactly!!!!  Have we all got our RV goggles on or what!?

Payray:   Oh yeah.... Mine consist of electron microscopes.

Wasco:   The $ 64 dollar question is:  what is going to be "the official exchange rate

Thepreacherman2017:  Makes me wonder what the" official rate" is ! Cause we've heard the rate they got now is artificial

Songbird:   Maybe they are announcing they are going to comply with the rules of banking. No more corruption.   it does seem like an odd statement.

Payray:   View the first few minutes of this video... By adding together tomorrows date of 5/10/2017 we have a total of 16... 1+6 =7... The very number that the managing director of the IMF has  been emphasizing in several speeches in the last few years...

She is into numerology, and I have been curious as to whether or not this has anything to do with what is to transpire as it concerns the increase of value to Iraq's dinar... Those in control of this process have certainly made sure this would be the last piece of the puzzle... Here is the link to the video...


Thepreacherman2017:  Presently in Iraq, the government does not have an official Iraqi dinar to dollar exchange rate, or a currency basket. The $3.30 exchange rate is no longer used for any currency, although it has not been officially canceled.

Payray:   Reinstate it at that rate, and there will certainly be many happy campers in the dinar world...

Bilary43:    I'm gonna be so happy to cash out my denars when this revaluates like Kuwait did   FYI this is nothing more than the auctions being replaced with a window to sell the currency. Just a few months ago, they said the bonds would be sold at the "official exchange rate" and nothing happened out of the ordinary. Nothing special about this one either. Just an announcement that the citizens will be able to purchase dollars for traveling outside of Iraq without a huge markup

Thewoods:   well, I know nothing about numerology, but in my brain...5+10+2+17 = 34...3+4=7
What does 7 mean? :huh: either way, I do remember seeing her video, referring to 7's.

Analigizer Bunny:   (SOON)  drop the OO's and you have SN, which stands for Seven & Nine, 7+9=16 & 1+6 be (7) :blink:  5+10+2+17 = 34 3+4=7. The only thing is, in numerology you have to drop all of the 0's before calculating.  Use 1-9 to come up with your magical numbers.

Payray:   To those who believe in numerology, it is a magical number... Here is a google link with various sites commenting on the subject... I personally believe that 7 is a number that indicates completion in the eyes of our Creator... Those involved with numerology have an entirely different take...

Christine Lagarde seems to be one who believes numbers are important to the point of them having meaning.. Whether hidden, or otherwise... Anyway, here is the link :) ...


Analigizer Bunny:    Mr Ray,   I was pushing the the mystical 7's last year for 7-7-16 and then I realized that it wasn't complete and there was the unlucky number 13 in the equation.  I was making bets that there wouldn't be an RV on the 13th year from their sanctions.

Grain leader and supporters didn't like the idea of me going against the grain because of a number. 2013 Iraq is free from their sanctions, the grain leader says they must RV within days,  but some of use knew it would never happen with Maliki running the country.

That was considered thinking against the grain, negs were flowing. And here we sit today, still waiting for it.  I believe there is a date driving everything that is going on over there leading up to the New Iraq and the RV.

It has nothing to do with their big boy pants, It has nothing to do with their inability to control ISIS, ISIS answers to someone, and when the real shot callers are ready, the ISIS mission will be over. And while they wait for their special date, they continue to gain from huge pity offerings and help from outside of their country. 
​Oh yeah, you might think they need to get rid of corruption within their government, I wish I had time to get into the oil rich families that control the government from within.

But I want to get back to that date one last time.  Shooting for the 7's. 14th year out of sanctions divided by 2 = 7 . This year 07-07-2017 delete the 0's leaves 7-7-21-7  or 7+7+7=21 or July 7 is on a Friday and the last day of the week on an Islamic calendar.

There will be a lot going on July 1 - 6.  But wait there's bonus numerology. In the bible it says God created in 6 days and rested on day 7. Here's how I connect the beginning of time to the special date.

A number 1 for every day God worked on his creation. That would be six 1's like so. (111111) times the total number of days in a week including the Sabbath day (7)  The break down looks like this.  111111 x 7 = 777777 = 7-7-21-7 = 07=07-2017.  Hey Jug.  I hope this doesn't get my cotton tail in trouble again.

It's just a numbers game.  If they miss that special date to RV or create something significant, life goes on.   A Positive Bunny

Analigizer Bunny:   Oops, correction on final date 07-07-2017

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