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PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights 5-18-17

PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights   5-18-17

​MrsClassy:    during the month .. 4,000 combat sorties against Daesh in Mosul

Twilight News / Iraqi army carried out flight more than 4,000 combat sorties targeting al Daesh sites in Mosul during one month, according to the announcement by the Ministry of Defense.

He said the Ministry Media Director Brigadier improved Ibrahim said the army aviation carried out more than 2,700 sorties in the period from April 11 / April to 14 May / May along with 1298 sorties and other combat, as well as other missions carried out by aviation air force , including 184 combat sorties and about 592 to transfer gear and weapons and evacuate the wounded.
​It enables medical staff to conduct more than 15 thousand a critical operation for civilians, including pregnant women and children, according to Brig . Gen. Ibrahim.

The Iraqi forces freed about 90 percent west of Mosul since the launch of its operations there three months ago, while Daesh remains trapped in only a few neighborhoods.


MrsClassy:   Tigris Operations announces the results of military operations north of Diyala

Thursday, 18 May 2017 13:40 / Diyala  announced the leadership of the Tigris operations Thursday, the final results of the military operations that took place north of the province of Diyala to keep track of the organization "Daesh" cells, while confirming that the operations contributed to combing vast areas of the parties.

Said the commander of the Tigris Operations Lt. Gen. Mazhar al - Azzawi , in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that " the results of extensive military operations that began at dawn on Monday in the northern province of Diyala and lasted for about 24 hours resulted in the whole destruction of 7 additives to regulate Daesh and control caches of munitions, explosives and heroes of four improvised explosive devices as well to the destruction of two car bombs. "

Tigris Operations announces the launch of a broad military operation in the northern province of Diyala
Tigris operations: the destruction of six Mfajkhat and three additives to regulate Daesh in Almtaibijh

He said al - Azzawi said "operations, which was launched from three main axes starting Sarha and Anjana down to the Hamrin hills on the northern side of the province of Diyala , contributed to combing vast areas of the parties , despite the complexities of the terrain, which pushed to launch detachments combat foot too long distances the backing by the Army Air to hunt down the remnants of the Daesh ".

Al - Azzawi said that "Tigris operations have achieved outstanding results of military operations in the war on Daesh and is continuing to track Amadavath points and pockets within the security responsibility."

The commander of the Tigris operations announced yesterday the launch of large - scale military operations north of the province of Diyala from three axes to track "Daesh" cells.


MrsClassy:   Federal police controls approximately 300 km from Ayman al-Mosul

10:50 - 18/05/2017   They seized control of federal police forces, on Thursday, 291 km on the right coast of the city of Mosul, while Daesh resorted to terrorist burning sewage networks in the neighborhood of July 17 black oil.

According to the Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement, received / information / that "pieces of federal police were able to impose its control over an area of 291 kilometers from the land right side in Mosul," noting that "these forces evacuated 270 000 civilians since the battle starting in the 19th of last February. "

He added Jawdat "These troops opened safe corridors to evacuate families from the economic zones and 17 July and the movement to camps for displaced people," adding that "the organization resorted to flooding the sewage networks in the south of July 17 neighborhood coast right black oil and burned to prevent our aircraft march from the monitoring of their cadres retreating towards the Old City ".

He pointed out that "cuts federal police in the northern axis killed 13 Daashaa and destroyed three booby-trapped wheels and a detachment of mortar and Amadaftin during clearing the final edges of the neighborhood July 17".


Grizzy:   Great news Thank you Mrs Classy

MrsClassy:   Where officials .. Karbala locked and free of terrorists

BAGHDAD - The Journal News  In the Karbala Provincial Council Security Committee confirmed that there are no terrorist dens or dormant cells within the borders of the province.

Committee Chairman Aqeel al-Masoudi, for "Journal News" on Thursday, said that "there are rounds of exploratory and pre-emptive raid on the outside of the borders of the province carried out by the security forces entrusted with maintaining security in the province."

He added, the security forces inspection campaigns in the province, both for homes in search of heavy weapons Aotvic non-vehicle numbered in order to prevent use by subversive and terrorist entities. "     LINK


MrsClassy:   Field commander confirms that military operations in the northern part of the connector confound "Daesh"

18/05/2017 12:50 | Number of readings:

Press direction / special  A field commander in the federal police confirmed that military operations recently launched from the northern part of the conductor, often confound Daesh ..

He said in an interview with the trend, the federal police adopted a new military tactic is to open sub - axes of the main axes of the fighting, which was surprised by


futuremoney:    SURPRISE!!!!!!!   LOLOLOL

MrsClassy:  Iraq signs an agreement to keep US troops on its territory after the defeat Daesh

Wednesday 17 May 2017 at 15:08 the evening of (2255 Views)

Follow-up / Sky Press  Newspaper, The Washington Times, Wednesday, for the start of a serious beginning of the month of May the current secret negotiations between the US President, Donald Trump and the Iraqi government administration to keep US troops in the country,

noting that Washington faces a new challenge to deal with Iraq, Obama failed to get an agreement concerning about US troops stay in Iraq after the defeat of “Daesh”.

The newspaper quoted her in her report, senior US officials as saying that “the negotiations between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and American officials on the new status of forces agreement began in earnest and the secret of this month.”

The newspaper added that “the Convention will determine the legal and diplomatic factors that will be the long-term US military presence in the country and avoid a power vacuum that developed after the withdrawal of US troops end of 2011 to occur.”

She explained that the “sensitive issue in Iraq, while insisting Abadi this month as combat troops in the country will not be after the defeat of Daesh though the Iraqi and US sides talked about the continuation of a long-term military role in the country,”

 noting that “for the approval of the security adviser Barzani of the Kurdistan region, where pleased noted during his visit to Washington that he and his father, Massoud Barzani would support an agreement allowing US troops to stay in Kurdistan after the liberation of Mosul. ” 
The report said that “Despite the continuing fears of internal unrest in Iraq and in the region, the road to a new agreement on the status of US troops remains a political danger as analysts pointed out that al-Abadi’s comments reflect the political tension and that he would go with some factions in the Iraqi government to complete the forces agreement with Washington rather than the death knell for any agreement on the status of those forces. ”

The paper quoted a senior US analyst at Hritad Foundation for Middle East Affairs Jim Phillips was quoted as saying that “the political situation is volatile and that the public discourse presented by Abadi may give him space with Massoud Barzani and other intermediaries to start secret negotiations with the Trump administration.”

Phillips added that “among the characters that will have a significant impact on the talks, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and former President Jalal Talabani and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr also among the figures, which also will have a significant impact Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji, and Defense Minister Irfan Hayali.”   LINK

Noeta:   A little confused because at first it says we are staying long term but then at the end it infers that they are still talking.  I can't see us pulling out anytime soon though.

Oasorcire33:     Agreed Noeta , not this time we will stay watch


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