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PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights 5-12-17

PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights  5-12-17
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Member News Excerpts & Highlights

MrsClassy:  Al-Ghanmi announces the complete liberation of Mosul before Ramadan

11-05-2017 03:51 PMThe Euphrates – The Ministry of Defense announced that Mosul will be fully controlled before Ramadan.

This announcement came on the tongue of the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army team first corner Osman al-Ghanmi during his inspection of the operations coming Ninawa against the organization calling on the right side of the city of Mosul.
Al-Ghanami praised the progress of the Iraqi forces, stressing at the same time the need to preserve the lives of civilians.

It seems that the Ghanami was based in his statement on the progress of the joint forces in several axes and control over more than one area, including the second pyramid and laboratories according to the federal police.


Jacktt: Great! Put the pedal to the metal boys!!!

Tomjfin:    I think its, put the sandal to the camel.

Jacktt:   Ha ha ha whatever works!!!!

Dierdown:   Ramadan 2017 will begin in the evening of  Friday   May 26  and ends in the evening of  Sunday,   June 25

Payray:    OK... Since the number 7 has been spoken of as being important to those who have a say in this monetary reform process...

And that before the substantial (I believe that is the end goal) increase is granted the Iraqi dinar by those who control the money supply worldwide, Mosul will have to be completely liberated, and declared to be so.. That has been declared via articles in the past...

There is a date the might be the one to look at... It falls on a Friday, and is a week from today, 5/19/2017... If we compress the numbers we come up with a sum of 7... (5+1+9+2+1+7=25.. Compress the 25 and we have 7 (2+5=7)...

I frankly would love it would occur sooner, if not in 5 minutes time... The day does not matter to me personally, but numbers do matter to those who are in positions of authority in our world... If our Sovereign Creator allows for it of course...

But looking at the what occurs the following week as President Trump travels to the Middle East, it would certainly look good on the part of Iraq if they did this before the meeting takes place in Saudi Arabia...

It would also be made to look as though Iraq has control of its own destiny so to speak if it were done beforehand also... Would not want it to seem as though the US had the final say... Even though we really do not...  
​Here are the links to the references made as it concerns numerology by the IMF managing director Christine Lagarde...

This was the more recent one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6lc59JmsI8

Here is the link where she addressed the National Press Club on January 2014... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJDephpcCZA

This is pure speculation on my part as it concerns this date of 5/19/2017... Have a great weekend, and take care...

Sds67:    Did I see 3.31= 7. I'm ok with that

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