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ONE WHO KNOWS: Questions: Budget News / GCR NESARA Timing, 3 MAY

Questions: Budget News / GCR NESARA Timing


"The Budget, Question for One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted by Cinderell05 at 1:23 PM EDT on May 2, 2017

I'm a little confused as to how our government was able to kick the can down the road to September regarding our budget? Where is the money coming from? Does this mean that the USA, Inc. got more money? Or is this the United States of the Republic? 

This is really important because if we have the USA, Inc. still in power then we will not see any kind of bankruptcy until till September. How does this affect the RV/GCR? When is Nesara going to be announced and is that what we are waiting on? 

Just trying to get things straight. Your input is greatly needed? 

I'm just waiting to do my dance but I lost(where is my RV) my shoe. 




Think of the USA Inc. and the Cabal as being like an egg. At one time it was full and potent, with military power, money power, government power and media power. However that egg has been gutted. It is actually hollow in the middle. No military, no money, no governments, no higher alien help, no structure. All that is left is the outside, the part you can see, the faces. This includes government officials, the President of the USA Inc., Hollywood & music people, news and sports personalities. Just the faces you see, but NOTHING behind them.

On the outside to the average person, it still looks the same, but we know that it is not. At any time now, they will pull the plug on the show, and when humpty dumpty takes his proverbial fall, all the kings men will not be able to put Humpty dumpty together again.

You see, they have no army to stop it, they have no money to pay for it, they have no governments that they control, they have no standing in any of the major World organizations. The whole World wants what the Elders are offering, gold and World peace, and they have the backing of the Galactic Forces, the Republic Forces, the other militarys of the World, the Hollow Earth Forces, and the Inner Earth Forces to back them up. 

So when you ask about the Budget, what will the budget pay for? Social services? No, they don't control any. The military and Black Projects? No they don’t have a military, and all the underground bases have been destroyed. To pay for bribes to other governments etc.? There is no one to pay and/or bribe. Oh, here is a good one, if they did vote on a budget, where would the money come from to pay it? The Federal Reserve? Shut down. The IRS? Gone. Where would they get the money to fund the budget????? 

Now you have your answer. There is no budget as it is all a complete sham. The Republic has its own budget that is already funded and in force. You won’t see it or hear about it until the Republic is introduced to the World publicly. 


"Question for Yosef and OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:42 PM EDT on May 2, 2017

Last year for many months we heard through Josef and others that the funds from this RV/GCR WILL NOT be released until NESARA and the New Republic is publicly announced.

Has this changed and if not why are we being told now that this can be released at any moment?

Shouldn't we be looking for the public announcement first? It seems highly unlikely to me that the announcement and the RV could happen at the same moment unless I am missing something.

Please help me clear this up.

Thank you both for all you do.

Hanging in there,




At one time it was thought that the GCR would happen, and then the Republic would be announced and then, later we would have Full Disclosure. However, this has taken way longer than was planned. It is possible that we will have the Republic/NESARA and the GCR at the same time followed by Full disclosure. It is hard to say for sure at this point.

However, I still think that we will be exchanged before the Republic is announced, just because it is smoother and easier that way. Get us done, and then drop Disclosure on the public. All that being said, I really think it could go any way, and may go in a way we have not even thought of yet. But no matter how it actually starts, I do feel it is about to start for us.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee, McKim, Jr.

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