Saturday, May 13, 2017

"No Small Thing" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview 5/13/17

In acting school they like to teach that there are no small parts, only small actors. 

But audition for enough medical incontinence infomercials and that philosophy is blown to smithereens quickly.

However, if you want to make something that's really big appear as really small, break it up into 1,000 little pieces and hand over a huge loaf of bread as hundreds of bite-sized bits. 

That's what the NPTB did with the GCR/RV roll out in terms of public disclosure--and also why it also took so damn long to convert your currencies.

Something as big as the global transition of the world's monetary authority should never appear immanently real for safety's sake. 

Meaning, anonymity through relative obscurity via "random press releases" and "uncoordinated events" is the most prudent pathway to releasing such a massive blessing out to the most people humanly possibly.

Believe it, don't believe it... that is what happened over these last several years and is still happening today, right now.

This is a really good lesson for those of us redeeming large volumes of currency this coming week. 

The bigger we are financially, the smaller we should appear publicly in order to accomplish the greatest good for others. 

Think about keeping your profile low and ego even lower. Humility is your greatest protector being this wealthy.

Just saying.

Listed below are major individual events that have all been scheduled in what appears to be separate events this weekend, but in actuality they are coordinated in precise lock-step, and happening in real time, all over the world, during this glorious and historic period (Saturday or Sunday depending on your time zone).

So drink it in D-Land. Marinate in the mercy while it lasts because it won't for long. 

This is the last worthless weekend you'll ever have to spend in financial irrelevance and abject poverty.

God is with us.


Two State Solution - Middle East

Palestine and Israel accepting to live in peace, acknowledging the others right to exist as a sovereign nation is a miraculous feat without exception. The lion and lamb have laid down together--and in our lifetime. No small thing.

French Presidential Inaugural - Europe 

This one moment literally marks the political rescue of the European Union, Euro currency and NATO. Protecting all of Europe from Russia's growing dominance, big economically and military. No small thing.

Trump's Impeachment - North America

Love Donna or loathe him, the Orange One absorbs a mass media news cycle like nobody else in history, anytime day or night, and worldwide. His tragic hero ending is our beginning--as it was scripted long ago, so shall it be. No small thing.

New Silk Road Trade Forum - Asia 

China has invited every nation and world leader to its New Silk Road trade forum which will literally positively affect every nation and person in the world. And oh by the way, their releasing their new gold backed financial system on the same day. No small thing.

Third Secret of Fatima - Catholic Church

The Pope's tribute ceremony to the "Miracle of the Sun" earlier today in Fatima, Portugal informally announces that the Catholic Church was been spared annihilation for sins committed against humanity. The why is a lot more complicated, but just know this was the Vatican's spiritual back-wall to release humanity, and why they ultimately allowed leaders like Netanyahu (Israel), Trump (US) and Poroshenko (Ukraine) to settle their differences. No small thing.

G7 Finance Meeting - World Economic Community 

All major financial titans have already met in Italy earlier this week and today they released a joint statement that would be honoring all currency manipulation agreements in an effort to level the playing field and stimulate global growth while maintaining macro fiduciary stability. That folks is your long awaited gold standard announcement. And as we all know far too well, that ain't no small thing.

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