Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Chris05: From what I understand, everything regarding Iraq's Financial Reform process, is POSITIVE.

Also, IMO from what I learned additionally, it seems PM Abadi may no longer have a grip on the steering wheel, nor control deck, in order to land this vehicle at its final destination, called 'LIBERATE THE IQD'.

Perhaps there are newly self-appointed co-Captains taking full control now, that will be there in full control, until the mission is completed.

Remember Frank has taught us that the IMF and the WB are basically US focused/driven/influenced institutions that handle, manage and regulate the Financial/currency reforms and lending/ financial requirements for all nations.

Combine that with the fact we recently learned through articles that both these institutions have demanded that Iraq complete their financial reforms ASAP.

Combine ALL that knowing that T (Trump) will be visiting A (Abadi)  in Iraq in May, definitely before May 25.    IMO, T will visit Iraq, post RV.

These are my thoughts, that I hope you like.

Don961:  Baghdad receives a call Saudi Arabia to participate in a conference attended by Trump

Baghdad / term

Foreign Ministry announced yesterday, for Iraq received an official invitation to participate in the Islamic Arab summit - American in Riyadh.

It is scheduled to hold a summit attended by US President Donald Trump , who revealed his visit to Saudi Arabia on 23 May present. Trump said , "We will hold a historic summit in Saudi Arabia , in the presence of leaders from across the Muslim world , " expressing his desire to "restore America's role in the world and the destruction of the terrorist organization Daesh terrorist groups."

And met with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, yesterday, the acting Saudi embassy in Baghdad , Abdul - Aziz al- Shammari. The two sides reviewed "progress of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Riyadh, and ways of boosting them in the interests of the two brotherly peoples." It revealed a foreign ministry statement from al - Jaafari received an "official invitation from Saudi Arabia to the President of the Republic , Dr. Fuad Masum; to represent Iraq in the Arab-American Islamic summit meeting to be held in Riyadh later this month."

Separately, House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , with his Romanian counterpart signed a memorandum of understanding and mutual cooperation between the two parliaments, as he emphasized Iraq 's desire to develop its relations with Romania.

Visiting House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, Romania is currently at the head of a parliamentary delegation at the official invitation of his Romanian counterpart, to discuss ways to develop bilateral relations and strengthen the parliamentary level.

A statement from the Office of al - Jubouri , I followed (range), the latter "met with his counterpart President of the Romanian Parliament Livio Dragnaa and discussed with him bilateral relations between the two countries and joint parliamentary cooperation , " noting that " the two parties signed a memorandum of understanding and mutual cooperation between the two parliaments."

In a related context, search House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , with the head of the Roman Senate, developments and economic relations between Baghdad and Bucharest.

A statement by the Chairman of the House of Representatives "President al - Jubouri confirmed the Chairman of the Romanian Senate, said Iraq was keen to develop its relations with Romania as the interests of the two countries and enhance economic and commercial role."

The statement noted that "al - Jubouri met during his visit to Romania, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Viorel Milishcano," pointing to " The meeting dealt with the efforts of the two countries in joint investment opportunities and bilateral cooperation to achieve the interests and aspirations of the two friendly peoples."


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