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Stevep99:  WOW!! That's powerful to invite the "WORLD"!! When you consider the interest in the Dinar  RV has but a fraction of a fraction of the world population!! There must be some info of global implications for Frank to invite the world to the CC!!

Apmcrx:  Like the CBI and GOI saying in the banking conferece welcome international companies to Iraq???

"the goal of holding a conference of banking technology is to inform the Iraqi government and private banks on the services provided by companies in addition to stimulating international companies to enter the Iraqi market and provide their products."

I LOVE IT!!!!   http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=7428


Don961:  Consultant Abadi: Iraq is able to pay its debts only through border crossings

08/05/2017 - 10:57

He confirmed the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Monday, that Iraq is able to pay its debts internal and external through the only border crossing points.

Saleh said in an interview I followed "Economy News", "Iraq is able to pay its debts only border crossing points, but after the work of a great revolution," adding that "the Iraqi government is currently working on the reform of border crossing points."

He added that "the big revolution to reform the border crossings will raise annual revenues from $ 800 million to $ 8 billion," asserting that "Iraq did not fail in its history to pay its debts, and even under difficult circumstances experienced by two years ago."

It is noteworthy that Iraq's internal and external debt is estimated at 120 billion dollars, according to the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives.



Don961:  Talks With Iraq on Joint Fields

Monday, May 08, 2017

Iran in Talks With Iraq on Joint Fields

Negotiations are underway with Iraq to form a joint technical committee to decide on the development of joint oil fields with the Arab neighbor, managing director of Iranian Central Oil Fields Company said.

“The committee will allow the two sides to share technical information on the oilfields and discuss and settle their respective share from each reservoir," Ahmad Rajabi was quoted as saying by ISNA on Sunday.

Dehloran, West Payedar, Naft-Shahr, Ilam, Aban, Dehloran and Azar are reportedly the joint fields in question. "Although domestic firms can develop the fields, Iraqi officials insist on hiring multinationals namely Exxon Mobil and PetroChina," he said adding that the venture needs at least $8 billion in investment.

Iran has signed memorandums of understanding with Wintershall of Germany, Russia's Gazprom and Zarubezhneft, Malaysia's Petronas as well as Austrian oil and gas company OMV to study the joint fields with Iraq.



Don961:  The skies of Iraq is witnessing an astronomical phenomenon this evening

05/07/2017 18:06:01    BAGHDAD / obelisk:

It is expected to witness Iraq and the Arab region sky after sunset today and the beginning of the night of a moon near Jupiter in the phenomenon as possible easily seen by the naked eye.

Said air forecaster Iraqi Sadiq Attia in his account on Facebook "It also will appear near the moon and Jupiter star Spica and with the passage of the night hours of these objects will go toward the west across the sky as a result of the rotation of the earth on its axis from west to east, the same reason

why the sun, stars and planets other rises from the
 east and sets in the west every day. "

The planet Jupiter is the fourth planet in terms of distance from the sun, the largest planet in our solar system, and in spite of this The moon shows us the biggest buyer and only because the moon is much closer to us it is just 400.000 kilometers while Jupiter away from us over 1700 times as much as the distance that separates us from the moon.
Source: Follow-up - the obelisk


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