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Don 961:  To develop the banking infrastructure .. electronic payment cards come into force in Iraq

Sunday 07 May / May 2017  Books - Mahmoud Zain:   

Iraqi authorities are trying to benefit from the expertise of regional and international companies to facilitate banking transactions in order to alleviate the suffering caused by paper-based transactions, by resorting to technology in the local banking sector.

In this regard, the conference kicked off the activities of banking technologies at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad, the capital, with the participation of about 30 companies from several Arab and foreign countries.

And it began the work of the first Conference of banking technologies in Baghdad, under the auspices of "the Iraqi Central Bank" will continue on Saturday and Sunday.

Ali Keywords
Objectives of the Conference ..

The conference aims to inform Iraqi banks, whether public or private, the electronic services provided by the regional and international companies as well as to stimulate global institutions to enter the Iraqi market and provide their products.

Themes of the conference ..

Include the themes of the conference, which is held over two days in Baghdad, dialogue sessions on ways to develop the infrastructure of banks and financial institutions to implement the project localization of salaries and the introduction of technology in the banking systems, whether governmental or private to facilitate banking transactions, as well as electronic payment card industry standards.

The first day ..

The first day of the conference included three sessions, the first was to discuss the localization of employees' salaries, and the second to discuss ways to enhance the IT infrastructure information in Iraq, and the last to discuss ways of supporting and activating the electronic banking in Iraq.

Participants in the conference .
Executive Director of the Association of private banks, "Tariq Ali said," The association organizes conference banking technologies Baghdad, with the participation of 30 Arab and foreign and local companies from countries such as "Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain and Morocco."

The event is attended by the President of the Association of private banks, "Wadih Nuri Handal" and the Governor of the Central Bank "on the Keywords" Advisor to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, "the appearance of Mohammed Saleh."

The importance of activating the electronic systems .

The Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks, Tariq Ali, "The conference deals with the central bank's strategy and the development of banking technologies using modern technology and the balance of payments and resettlement project salaries and infrastructure programs, banking and electronic payment tools modern."
Mobile banking shorten a lot of trouble on the citizen ..

He called on the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, government and private banks, to activate the mobile banking in the country, pointing out that the infrastructure of the Central Bank is ready to launch such a project.

Keywords said that "Mobile banking a lot of trouble on the shortened citizen instead of standing in long lines to complete the transactions of paper."

He continued: "resorting to electronic transactions shorten the time and transportation costs and effort in completing transactions and enjoy very quickly and less expensive which is the foundations on which the relationship between the banks and the public control."

The Iraqi official stressed that "the central bank has an infrastructure able to accommodate this project as well as world-renowned systems has to accommodate technological developments."

And he said: "We have no problem in accommodating these developments," stressing the need to take into account the activation of this project. "

"What we are looking for is that these investments lead to reduce paperwork and replace transactions Alaketronnebh in order to reach the level of mobile banking services, which makes it imperative for all public and private banks to own able to achieve such a project plans."

Keywords noted that "the Central Bank began significant strides, especially the distribution of state employees' salaries through banks and banking offices, which represents the spark of an important starting point in this employment is a great test for the banking sector among the public and the bank and it must be the relationship transparent."

And Abizaid: "should touch everyone who deals with the banking sector development and progress and get what he wants without any routine and the cost of the withdrawal of salaries or delays in transactions."

Keywords called at the end of his speech, all banks to interact with what is in the advanced banking and upgrading work hard to compete with international banks.

Encourage investment in the provision of electronic systems for banks ..

The head of the Association of private banks in Iraq, technology and telecommunications companies and information providers to cooperate with the local banking sector to activate the electronic banking services, and live up to the level of international banks.

He said Handal: "The demographics in Iraq requires a shift to electronic banking and access to financial inclusion, which we aspire to."

President of the Association highlighted that this conference is the first of its kind, which means banking technologies in Baghdad with the participation of foreign banks. "

"It is very important banking technology, it is imperative for banks pay attention to the development of the means to access the electronic banking world and the pursuit of free cash banking sectors and move society towards electronic banking, providing a tremendous amount of information and keep customers from the risks of cash theft."

He stressed the need to develop Handal banks and the continuation of the central bank steps in support of the banks and development in the launch of projects that serve the citizen.


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