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Samson:  The delegation of Iraq today begins its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund
 31/05/2017 - 13:48

It begins today the delegation of Iraq , headed by the Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Essa, negotiations in the capital of Jordan Amman, with the Fund Monetary International to complete talks on agreement of cooperation credit , which was signed by Iraq in the year 2015 .

The source of a government 's " economy News " , that " the delegation of Iraq , which includes a number of officials , most notably Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Issa and the Governor of the Bank of Central Ali Keywords Advisor Financial Prime Council of Ministers the appearance of Mohammed Saleh begins today its negotiations with the Fund Monetary and Bank International on agreement of cooperation credit that signed by Iraq in the year 2015 ".
The source , who preferred not to disclosure of his name, the " Fund Monetary International praised the policy of Iraq 's economic over the past two years in all meetings of recent , especially in the case of maintaining the reserves of foreign bank 's central " , explaining that " fund criticism of international rejection of any idea to float the dinar of Iraq because of the crisis economic that experienced by the country , which affect the poor . "

The chancellor 's financial Prime Council of Ministers, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, 8 May 2017 confirmed that Iraq will receive during the year current on 3 billions of dollars from the Fund Monetary World Bank World countries industrial seven


Sirenfire:  Its a shame this person didnt want to be named. So now no one can take him to the back and spank him for saying they werent going to float the dinar under any circumstances... Heh...

Chris05:    IMO, the interpretation of the following translated text ""explaining that " fund criticism of international rejection of any idea to float the dinar of Iraq because of the crisis economic that experienced by the country , which affect the poor . "" 

Was stating that the unknown source, was informing that the Fund (IMF) criticized the International communities rejection of any idea of floating the IQD.

If that is the situation, IMO, then the source is eluding that the IMF is supporting or positive towards the concept of floating the IQD.

Don961:  The cool thing is they are talking about the dinar .... let's see how it goes today ... it's already late afternoon there ... perhaps already decided ... just not reported ... yet ...


Samson:  Economist: The central bank's strategy painted the way for reform of the banking

05/31/2017 - 13:25

Said economist Samir Nasiri, on Wednesday, the central bank's strategy for the years 2016-2020 identified and painted the way for the reform of the banking.

He said Alnasiri in an interview for "Economy News" that the Iraqi Central Bank's strategy objective is to chart a course for the next five-year roadmap to achieve stability in the financial system so as to contribute to access financial inclusion and banking reform, noting that Maehmna Kmokhtchin economic affairs and banking is what are the new mechanisms and policies which can be adopted by the central bank, government and private banks and the relevant authorities with regard to banking reform on the approach according to the desired fundamental change of the Iraqi economy in the next stage, which is the banking sector and the first in which the basic ring.

He added that the main objectives of the strategy is to support and achieve financial stability and activating the role of financial institutions and the banking sector and the development of the organizational structure and organizational structure.


StephenMac:  Im wondering....if the value of the IQD is going up, then there is a more probability that the Iraqi public would buy these....but definitely not at a programmed rate.

Perhaps the CBI is having a Fire Sale before RV allowing other governments to purchase for reserves?

Apmcrx:  The Central Bank launches an auction to sell treasury remittances

On June 21, the Central Bank organized a public auction to sell the 364-day treasury remittances of the Ministry of Finance under the internal borrowing plan for the current year.

The newspaper "Sabah" official issued today, "The value of the issuances of these bonds of 200 billion dinars," indicating that "this auction will be the fifth of its kind within the plan of the Ministry of Finance to issue Treasury transfers for the current year."

The newspaper added that it is hoped to sell the full amount of the issuances to the beneficiaries that will participate in the auction such as care and retirement and minors, along with a number of other banks.

"The Central Bank is acting as a financial agent of the ministry to manage auctions of remittances based on the Public Debt Act, which authorized the Ministry of Finance to issue treasury transfers guaranteed by the government for the purposes of government funding to fill part of the temporary deficit in the general budget of Iraq.


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