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Don961:  Huge assault on the Old City today
Greenclan:  ALWAYS AT THE LAST MINUTE>......they might get this done by tomorrow, RAMADAN.....after all.   we wait and see.   thanks DON

Rabbit:  Precisely! !! I think the next 24-36 could/should/hopefully/ bring what we seek...  I think it's that close..and if it go's past that I would be looking at every single day forward. . Down to 1 neighborhood that sounds like the HUGE ASSAULT Don961 is mentioning and could very well be MOMENTS away from total victory in Mosul. .pray...fervently today



So eliminating ISIS was one item now they are telling us to achieve full S&S is the RETURN of the displaced people to they districts and cooperation between POLICE/MILITARY & CITIZENS.

Now put this into perspective with the waiting of OIL to explode upwards

I think PPJ...........opinion of this all culminating at the end of RAMADAN and ROLLED OUT AT BEGINNING OF EID is logical..........to obtain MAX value of the DINAR as well as S&S.
all imo   BUT WHAT Do I KNOW.



MilitiaMan: This is very good news to me. Feed the people, give them electricity, employment opportunities, education and much more.

Then we see in and earlier article a call to Erbil and Bagdad to get the GO done for once and for ALL.. it would seem to me that the cabinet of Abadi would be the ones to finalize it.. and we know they don't sand bag showing up to work..

Axing 24 ministers for shady practices and photographing the derelicts in Parliament for attendance practices will be more effective in maintaining efficient government proceedings..

Which will please the locals and outside investors knowing there is more accountability.  Not the shsiter status grease my palm way of doing things anymore.. Exciting times!!
​Samson:  Cabinet begins reform steps to implement economic laws

 24th May, 2017

The cabinet held its regular meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the meeting witnessed the vote on the evaluation and selection of higher grades and general managers in order to increase professional competence and mechanism.

The Council voted to approve the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the General Company for Food Products in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals financing to increase the operational advance of the contract between the General Company for Vegetable Oils General Company for food products regarding the processing of material edible oil from 10 percent to 30 percent for the processing of trade b (100) thousand tons annually to market in the ration.

The Council voted to reconsider customs fees imposed on cigarettes.

The Cabinet also drew 40 percent, regardless of the benefits contractors who have been their scrutiny by the Office of Financial Supervision immediately and without discrimination.
The voting was also on the National Plan for Human Rights (the implementation of international commitments to the Government of the Republic of Iraq).

The face of the cabinet that holds the two companies Diyala Electrical Industries and Electrical Industries and the Ministry of processing power transformers distribution maximum possible quantity to be used in restoring stability in the liberated areas, tasks that calculates prices accurately with the exclusion of any other fees or services to those who receive a salary from the ministry companies
The Cabinet also face the fact that the Committee on Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Planning to take the necessary to accomplish the stated Council of Ministers resolution No. 110 for the year 2017 with money recovered from the agricultural initiative measures.

In the Council in coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council on the proposal of the Second Amendment to the Law of the Independent Electoral Commission Act No. 11 of 2007 and its ability to carry out specific tasks in accordance with the law.

It was also voted on the recommendations of the committee dealing with cases of universities and colleges students before recognition.

Council directed by the Ministry of Planning and certainly on the implementation of the Council of Ministers Decision No. 89 of 2017 on the financing of water projects and sewage referred to by decision

The first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi praised the Cabinet's decision to increase the financing of vegetable oil company and directing the Ministry of Commerce to buy the ration of which card items, and directing the Ministry of Electricity to buy electrical transformers from the two Diyala Electrical Industries and Electrical Industries
He described Hammoudi, in a statement of those decisions as "gain a great national industry would activate the work of Iraqi factories, absorbing scientific and productive competencies broken, and meets our demands that we announced during our visit to these factories within our campaign to support the national product, which included many factories in different provinces

He stressed that the government turned to the non-oil revenue is one of the most important economic reforms being implemented, "noting that Iraq after Daesh will see many changes, and the strengthening of state institutions power, self-reliance, and the expansion of investment, reducing import

He called on experts to job creation and distribution of fairness and the level of acceptable wages, secure a decent life for the people of the community and contribute to strengthening the spirit of work and belonging, and doing productive and service activities, so as to achieve some sort of stability in the indicators of access to financial resources for individuals.

Promised to achieve this is possible through coordination between government agencies and the private sector on the one hand, and the House of Representatives as a legislature concerned with the enactment of laws on the other hand, so as to ensure a balance of jobs, especially with the presence of employees engaged in work after school or someone who works in more than one job with his family, what affects the fairness of the distribution of employment and unemployment is dedicated.

Economic academic Imad Rashid said in a statement the need to «the distribution of employment opportunities equitably by ensuring universal access to those opportunities from the public and private sectors», calling for «legislation that balances the jobs sector, and reduce the wage gap, especially security and pension, which aspires to all»

He stressed that «reconsider the wages and employment opportunities between the public and private sector level, provide support to the work of the private sector and reduce the unemployment rate attractive investment environment». He stressed that the reduction of the wage gap leads to a «kind of stability in local markets and sectors such as housing, trade and energy

He pointed out that the public sector is suffering disguised unemployment at a time noted reluctance in the field of employment in the private sector, due to the lack of pension guarantees provided by government jobs

He stressed that the adoption of the principle of equal pay and guarantees for the ability of the private sector to reduce the unemployment rate and its contribution to increasing output.  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Looking through this Saleh has implement and activate the private sector for sustainable development mentioned a couple times. I like those words.

Didn't we recently here that without thier monetary reforms they cannot sustain themselves going forward.. Bonds for contractors audited and approved too.

Very serious about this at this time frame.. No doubt!! All good folks.. imo – MM

Samson:  Calls for the implementation of economic plans and private sector support

 24th May, 2017

He stressed member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Amer jeweler, the importance of transforming the strategies adopted over the past years into operational approaches to successive governments and sectoral ministries, and implement a comprehensive national campaign for the construction and reconstruction

He noted in a press interview that the strategies carry long-term prescription for up to the year 2030, a commitment adopted by the state and successive governments put plans and policies to implement them, drawing attention to the need for the country to adopt a comprehensive national systematic commitment to building and reform. He stressed the need to adopt this commitment by everyone, as long as it aims to develop Iraq's infrastructure, construction and repair, and the development of its economy and diversify.

Jeweler and pointed to the need for a will to build, reform and development, and professional ability to conduct, and that everyone adopts a policy and plan of one with a clear objective, and that the involvement of civil society and the private sector in the development of operational plans and follow up the implementation of economic reforms adopted in 2015 package, monitoring and evaluation

The jeweler and there is a need to take those responsible for the economic sector files, direct responsibility by transforming their organizations to profitability, develop their products and services and diversify. He pointed to the experience of Malaysia and South Korea, which, and faced with a major problems in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, but they were placed targets decimal their respective work to be achieved by focusing on education and human, what around them to the economies of its international weight, pointing out that the economic file management process that requires a real affiliation the activity actually held accountable for everyone to achieve the planned results to him, especially in the construction and reconstruction phase

And on the industrial initiative to support small and medium-sized enterprises, the jeweler stressed the importance of moving to implement them since they constitute the driving elements of the economy and securing employment opportunities, stressing the necessity of activating the difficulties facing the industrial and agricultural soft loans and processed, especially on the one hand guarantees, and turn them into a national act of fruitful. He stressed the need to integrate the citizen and an employee in the effective and creative to implement Qtaathma plans to participate, pointing out the importance of reducing the continuing deterioration in the domestic economy and continuous decline in the rate of participation of local investors in the investment sectors productivity, not to mention foreign investment due to the decline in investment and business environment

The financial adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that «the development of the Iraqi private sector 2030 strategy, the need to strengthen the bonds of the transition to implementation in light of the weak role of the public sector, drawing attention to the real workers in the state of four million people out of ten Millions. He also pointed out that the number of poor people in Iraq, at least 10 million, with an annual income of less than $ 300, explaining that the increase in the numbers of the poor were the result of displacement

He stressed the importance of activating the role of the private sector to contain the largest number of young job seeker, especially that the State does not have job opportunities, and this needs to visions and policies that reduce poverty

Saleh pointed out that the labor force in the private sector exceed 7 million people, and enter the labor market more than 450 thousand new young people annually, including 150 thousand university graduates and graduates of institutes campaign. Drawing attention to these figures confirm the necessity of activating the local labor market by strengthening the role of the private sector

He pointed to the need for the formation of the Council for the development of the private sector includes representatives from the sector to contribute to building a solid foundation for building the future, stressing that serious follow-up of the Ministries of Planning and Industry of this topic is grown real hope to take the private sector effective role in securing sustainable development.    LINK

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