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Greenclan:  Here is what i have.

13th ABADI 3week extension is UP

15th-16th Mosul might be announced


19th IRAN elections / TRUMP starts his trip (previous post last week)

20th RIYADH SAUDI meeting with Arab countries

23rd IRAQ to SAUDI and TRUMP

25th Ramadan starts

this is from my own record notes,,,,,ALL IMO


JWM:  These dates seem interesting.... Lots going on it seems before the 25th?
Don961:  Well it finally moved from 1182 .. almost 14 dinars lower per dollar ... that's the right direction ! ...... purchase price per $100 lower by 350 as well ...

The dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar in the markets of the Iraqi banks

34 minutes ago Economy , dollar , miscellaneous 60 Visit

US $ 1 = 1,168.7000 Iraqi Dinar
IQD 1 = US $ 0.0009
Prices buying and selling dollar banking companies
Selling price = US $ 125.750
Purchase price of US $ = 124.750

Last Updated: Friday, May 12th 2017, 10:48 GMT Baghdad


Frank26:  And the beat goes on ......... IMO ..........Pages will go by and no one will consider why i made this post.  God Bless You my KTFA FAMILY ........... Tell the Net i said .......... Aloha and Allo
MilitiaMan:  The beat is on going, lets hope the beat's tempo increases to a loud boom! Is this a precursor to the real magnitude of the Quake we are about to feel and hear, in your so humble opinion? lol Sure looks like it is to me!!
It is a very telling episode when the currency moves in our favor and when especially, when we see openly in public, a 1% move in strength to the US Dollar. Frank26 has been teachig this same thing over and over lately.. Ta Da Frank. imo ~ MM


Don961:  Condoleezza Rice admits the real reason for the invasion of Iraq

News Journal May 12, 2017      BAGHDAD (Reuters) -

Recognized by Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser US in the era of former President George W. Bush, the real reason behind the decision of the United States of the decision to invade Iraq.

Rice said at a meeting held at the Brookings Institution, said that America invaded Iraq in 2003 to topple Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, not to bring democracy to the Middle Eastern state pivotal.

Rice said in her remarks that the United States has taken decision to invade Iraq with its allies in 2003, and she knows it will not bring democracy to that country, but in fact sought to overthrow President Saddam Hussein.

She continued the former US Secretary of State: "We went to Iraq because of a purely security problem, concerning the existence of Saddam Hussein in power, but we are not going to bring democracy."

Her "it has never been in President Bush's plans, then the use of military force in order to bring democracy in Iraq, not in 2003, nor in Afghanistan in 2001".

He also explained Rice in her remarks that the populist movements, which began to emerge in the United States and Western Europe over the past two years, are only expressions of protest, she says, by millions of people, against the ruling elites, who ignored their concerns about issues such as: "Free Trade , migration is limited. "

Zerb:  Come on you all know the real truth and the intent of the Roth child world banking web (who owns the USA the UN...NATO Monsanto the media and Hollywood world govts religious institutions IMF BIS black gold??? on and on and on........

This is THE MR! (Monetary Reform) ..who are the last 2 CB (Central Banks) left to fall??? Syria and NK (N. Korea) well well if you watch the video (its huge!) posted on the Russian deal....divide and conquer Syria into safe zones.

Read between the lines in ALL THE NEWS REPORTED......THEIR BEAT GOES ON! RUSSIA AND CHINA are all on board....we are in the middle of World War III.....all done now by strategically hitting targets.

Think about it......the results of WW I and WW II we are living NOW! Will we have to wait till after NK is complete?? Here's more hopium we won't.

 Many MANY deals being done behind the scenes........All you children of Yahweh do what you have to do to survive till that date is revealed........are you truly listening?  The truth will set you free.

 It's all about whom controls all the trade and money in this unsurpped planet. Those who know the truth will remain silent  IYO....IN YAHWEH's OPINION.... Yahweh bless

 Thank you for allowing me to make this post ……  Think outside the box...

SurfingWolf:  Hey Zerb!

China and especially Russia are most certainly not "all on board" with the "Rothschild world banking web." While China has "joined the SDR" basket of currencies, they are working on an entirely parallel financial architecture to go with their well developed trade and economic architecture. Russia has refused to be defeated or coerced by multinational institutions, sanctions, and currency/oil manipulations.

Every move by the likes of Rothschild has been anticipated, absorbed and kung fu'ed right back at them. Whatever you want to call them... rockefeller/rothschild... "cabal".... globalists etc... they're badly on the ropes and there's no future in which they will continue to dominate.

IMO.... the meetings of May 2017 (which will go down in history....) look more like cabal surrender proceedings to me... especially given the new paradigm coming out party concurrent in Beijing! It's my opinion that we are indeed in end times.... this is the final chapter in the age old struggle between good and evil... and praise God... good wins.
Dinar Updates:

BGG   Article:  "Iraq offers compensation settlement and Kuwaiti debt against investment"   Quote:  "...the meeting also discussed the file of compensation with the State of Kuwait and ways to settle through the window of investment inside Iraq.". 

Two separate items talked about - how to pay back Kuwait (not to be confused with) - their eagerness to settle investments inside Iraq?

One of the big problems needing dealt with - is they have few mechanisms in place to safe guard investors. Why would the IMF care about Iraqi investors. They don't - this is referring to OUTSIDE investors. Period.

 Really good news - entering final talks - it appears.


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