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Don961:  A couple things ... negotiations stopped for 4 years because of security concerns ... but it's good to go now .... and ... aren't SA and Iran s'pose to hate each other ????.... but are still willing to do business / make money together ....hmmmmmmmm

Iran plans to raise its oil production in the joint fields with Saudi Arabia and Iraq

05/11/2017 - 15:40

It announced that the Ministry of Oil of Iran that it plans to raise its production of oil in fields shared with all of Saudi Arabia and Iraq . 

The director of affairs of the technical company oil areas central Iranian Ahmad Rajabi , on the sidelines of the exhibition International of the 22 industry of oil and gas and petrochemical and chemicals, seen by the " Economy News " , that " the size of the production of oil from fields shared with Iraq increased by 30% in 4 years " , indicating that " the fields of oil joint with Iraq , which oversees the company, is Aban and oil a month and Baydar West and Dehloran ."   
​He pointed to that " negotiations with Iraq for the development and extraction of common from the fields of common " , explaining that " the negotiations with Iraq stopped by four years because of the situation of security , but the scheduled to resume once again ." 
He said that the decision to be coordinated around the fields producing and fields under development . 

The share of Iran in the field of oil with Saudi Arabia by 12 thousand barrels per daywhich owns  11% of this field , which is released by the Saudi name " Morgan " , which estimated reserves by 2.3 billion barrels



Jay:  At a program rate???... That trade deal would prove them to be international. Would it not???  US sanctions would never allow a country that is under security and FINANCIAL/BANKING sanctions, to be allowed to buy a bucket of steam from us. MAY 15th??????????????????

Don961:  Iraq seeks to buy 100 thousand tons of American rice

11/05/2017 - 15:33

Revealed traders Europeans, on Thursday, for the pursuit of Iraq to buy 100 a thousand tons of rice US during the days ahead

He said traders in a statement seen by the " Economy News " , that " Iraq seeks to buy about 100 thousand tons of rice and imported from the US United ."

He explained that " the date of submission of presentations will be on 15 May, on to remain in force until the atheist and the twentieth of the same month ."

The Council of Ministers, announced yesterday Wednesday that he authorized the Ministry of Commerce to buy wheat and rice from companies foreign to distribute it in the card ration .
The struggling Iraq to import grain for the program of food fortified after the imposition of conditions for new payment and quality removed suppliers from Mnaqsath International .

He informed Iraq, a buyer of a global major wheat and rice, suppliers at a time earlier this year , it will pay the price for their purchases of grain on premiums . The traders said the Council of grain Iraqi told them that the decline in the prices of oil and factors of financial and other pushed the country to pay the premiums .

And it launched the Iraq program for the cards of food includes flour ( flour ) and oil , food , rice , sugar and milk children in the year 1991 to combat sanctions and economic Nations United



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