Wednesday, May 24, 2017



TMallraney: Hi Frank. Imo. Wouldn't it be a good ideal to announce Mosul this Friday so they can take advantage of this 3 day holiday weekend to load the rates  

Frank26:   IOO .............. We no longer see a need for 3 days ............. Due to some much already in line for the RV. 24 (hours?)  is suffice.

Frank26:  Last night i answered about 40 to 50 qts on TC. Tell me KTFA FAMILY ........... Besides a date and rate ............. if we could sit face to face ........... What would YOU ask me and my ............ Heart?

Will answer them on W CC tonight .......


Gfulcher66:  1. With the IMF and WB demanding Iraq to move fwd with the MR via articles, yet the globalist/deep state who control the mainstream media and all the positions appointed by the last administration throughout or gov. military, cia/fbi etc being against this type of fwd mvmt., can you give us a better understanding of the globalist behind the curtains differences, and which groups ideology is going fwd in relation to the MR of Iraq and basil111, blockchain, % asset backing etc? 

2. Has the proverbial patton been taken back from A or is he still holding it with their permission and is he moving fast enough to keep it... 

3. Once Iraq and the other couple currencies that move up or down at the same general time occur do you think we will be on the basil 111 system and how do you see some currencies being asset or a % asset backed mixing with the fiat system?

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