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Doc.K:  Frank,why would the UN be going to meet with Abadi if mosul was not liberated yet?  I think mosul is liberated and the News That's Coming Out is days old.

They were timing this for the Trump PEACE & DEAL$   tour....IMO   

Cars & Floats are decorated in advance for a parade........
Frank26:  Sometimes ............. When You hold a light source in Your hands it is impossible to see what is right in front of You.......... What You truly hold becomes invisible.

Like trying to Focus on something after a picture Flash.........

A few days ago such a light came.

i saw many turn in the direction of this light but were blinded by it instead.

ALL of Your CCs leave You Thinking and sometimes .......... Exasperated with Newness.

i invite in the same manner that A is inviting ................ Come to Your MONDAY CC tonight to Learn how LIGHT has a new ............ SPEED.

Of course ..........ALL IMO to be done with Respect and Dignity.

After CC ........................... FOOD FIGHT with COOOOOOOOOOKIES !!! ..... You can hit me with all Your COOOOOKIES ....... i LOSE lol

C U on CC at ............ 7 est........ Promise we will have Fun ....... Aloha \m/

CVBC:   Quote Frank26:  Come to Your MONDAY CC tonight to Learn how LIGHT has a new ............ SPEED.   So what is beyond light speed?


Don961:  Asian and African countries and European compete for Iraqi crude

2017/5/22 02:00:07 PM

Iraq replaced Saudi Arabia as a major supplier of crude oil in India since last month, as refiners moved to increase margins and buy cheaper in Basra oil prices, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Foundation.

 It topped India's imports last month from Iraq about one million barrels per day, the first time, up to a third from last March, by 8 per cent from last year, according to data tracking of ships obtained by Bloomberg and oil research centers.

Said Mack Sorana, chairman of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation said that "good in Basra, where refineries, and believes demand days of advanced level of crude oil as well as some discounts in the value of the dollar."

It invested Indian refineries in recent years, heavy Iraqi crude, according to the latest updated data. The officials indicate Indian refineries that Iraqi crude and processed by turning it into diesel and gasoline, helps a lot to give as much flexibility.

With every barrel of Iraqi oil in heavy Basra, Han less than a barrel of Saudi crude, as it enables importers Indians to achieve significant cost savings when they started buying Iraqi crude, which does not need much to production and refining. 

 Observers attribute to a decline in purchases of India from Saudi Arabia to rising prices after Saudi production cuts by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC.

Iraq is the second largest oil producer in the world after Saudi Arabia, but so far it seemed resistant to a decline in oil prices for its dependence on old oil revenues.

Observers point out that "a good alternative to crude oil from other countries, the Iraqi oil, as well as to sell it at a substantial discount in Dubai, so competing markets to buy immediately, while the Saudi oil is available but it is not useful for energy."

And it helped delay the arrival of Venezuelan oil shipment due to problems in the main port on increasing Indian demand for Iraqi crude factors, as India took more crude in the last period.

Besides the Indian demand for Iraqi crude, Egypt received the first shipments of Iraqi oil, at a rate of two million barrels of light crude oil, after unloading at the port of Ain Sokhna sumed and transported to refineries. 
The source said an official of the General Authority for Petroleum Egyptian that "will be refining two million barrels in 4 companies, divided into one million barrels in MIDOR and 500 thousand barrels in the AMOC, and the latter in Cairo and Assiut refinery at a rate of 250 thousand barrels each."

In a related context, Bloomberg announced that the competition between Russia and Saudi Arabia on the status of the continent, did not Aagafa long before the Iraqi crude oil, which pull the rug from under the feet of regional rivals. As Europe began to import more than nine million barrels per day of crude from outside the region and form the raw materials that contain a high percentage of sulfur more than six million barrels of that amount.

Although the Russian Urals crude still dominates with a share of about 55 percent, but that Iraq has won a large market share.


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