Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Delta:  FRANKIE......RIGHT NOW ........CBI...UNUSUAL....ACT...TUES.  MAYBE.....RED.
FRANKIE...البنك المركزي العراقي يحاول الانتهاء من جميع المزادات بسرعة كبيرة قبل نهاية هذا الأسبوع   DELTA

PappaJack: (Translation)  CBA is trying to finish all auctions very quickly before the end of the week

Frank26:  That would be great ........... Then they can use them only as and when needed. This mechanism is also being well Controlled. Lets see if they reach this goal by Sunday ......... Aloha DELTA RED.

Frank26:  Article:  Washington and Tehran to hold $ 22 billion deals   Last night's CC said ................. Iran is staring to Shape up .......... Doing business with T......... Yup

Apmcrx:  Cbi usually update daily around 1am pst but today they updated until the 31st...soooo weird IMO

Tommy17:  Article:   Consultant Abadi Network Khalk: The government will allocate the budget for the reconstruction of the war-affected areas

Imo if they offically announce the budget is activated 'the rv should happen very soon….all those rebuilding  projects need an international rate


SC1:  Hello Frank and Delta  !!!
Thank for all of the great great encouraging and exciting news on this evening's CC !!!

In light of the many many encouraging news, particularly the SS change to 0.91, and many other things, and as we sharpen our pencils and focus on our study for the time period from June 2nd through June 9th 2017, considering the plight of the Iraqi people and praying for their safety, recovery, and rebuilding with security and stability, it seems clear that they will truly be hurt most if for any reason the lava flow of the progression of the MR drags on or delays much longer.

And to this end, thinking of the Iraqi people and the successful steady improvement of their lives and rebuilding of their nation, along with safety and security:

(with all positiveness and hopefulness) :

1.)  How will their many companies, particularly phone companies and airlines, survive and not go bankrupt, if they do not very very soon have an increased value and increased purchasing power of their currency  ?  (How long can the phone companies stay in business with 90% reduction in their prices ?)

2.)  Three weeks ago, back on May 8th, Delta very kindly brought to light for us the Paris Club information, in particular: "...the IMF can go back to the Paris Club and say, you know what, Iraq is not listening to us"   [[completing their financial/monetary reform   [[increasing this value of their currency ]]   ]],  " and with this the Paris Club nations have the right to then go back to Iraq and demand the full payment of what is owed" [[the forgiven debt]] ", like $180 trillion dollars...to wipe out this debt...80% of it they have to the IMF and work their deals"

  -- So, considering how vital and crucial this is to the Iraqi people and their recovery and rebuilding:

     ---  What date has been set by the Paris Club for Iraq to cooperate with the IMF,  that is,  for Iraq to raise the value of their currency and complete their Monetary and Financial Reforms,   before the IMF notifies the Paris Club and the Paris Club cancels their forgiveness of Iraq's debt and demands full repayment from Iraq, and thus, ultimately, from their people and businesses?

[[It is my humble understanding of business that such agreements with such large financial institutions carrying such a condition of listening (compliance or non-compliance) can only be determined if it is measured or bound by a specific time marker or point in time...]]

Frank26:  Not sure how to reply because Your post is more of a statement than a question.
But will say yes ........... End of Contracts are a normal path......... Rarely left open.
BTW NEWBIE ............. Impressive post ........ TY for Your Thoughts. You seem to take very Good CC NOTES.    Aloha Friend ......\m/


Samson:  The internal debt of Iraq fall 544 billion dinars

 05/30/2017 - 16:44

An official source in the Iraqi government on Tuesday that the domestic debt fell more than half a trillion dinars over the past two months due to increased government revenues after the rise in oil prices.

The source, who preferred not to be named for "Economy News", "The domestic debt of Iraq fell 544 billion dinars to become 46.804 trillion dinars after it was 47.348 trillion dinars."
"The decline in domestic debt to pay back the government for some of the debt that matured over the past few days, in addition to the rise in oil revenues after increasing oil prices in the global market."

The economic circles talked about reaching Iraq's debt to $ 120 billion since octets last century and so far, passing Iraq in a severe financial crisis since 2014, as a result of the decline in oil prices in the global market and to increase military spending on the war against al-Daesh.


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