Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Iraq resolves debate over foreign presence inside its territory, 17 MAY

Journal  May 17, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

The Security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi parliament denied the existence of a signed agreement with the American side that includes the survival of part of its forces after the end of the post-organizational period, calling the terrorist.

"Iraq has entered into an alliance with several countries, including the United States, after the occupation of an organization calling on the terrorists in some provinces to provide assistance and advice," MP Imad Juhna told the Journal News on Wednesday. "The Iraqi government has hired trainers from different countries, In order to raise the capabilities of Iraqi combat forces, "noting that" talk about the presence of foreign troops inside the Iraqi territory is fighting a disgraceful disgrace. "

The Washington Times reported on Wednesday that serious secret negotiations had begun in early May between the administration of President Donald Trump and the Iraqi government to keep US troops in the country, noting that Washington is facing a new challenge to reach an agreement with Iraq that Obama failed to obtain. On the survival of US forces in Iraq after the defeat, "urged."


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