Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Invitation" - Intel SITREP, 10 MAY

All Elder release protocols (internal roll out tasks to be completed) were as of Monday morning @ 3am EDT.

Sunday's French election was legally certified by France's Continental Congress per their own Constitutional mandate as Parisians demand no oath of office to declare a new President--only election certification.

Macron is the youngest leader of France (39) since Napoleon. Many believe he is also a Knights Templar legacy and groomed for this moment since birth.

Nothing resists our blessing now (financial, diplomatic, military, geopolitical).

All transition elements have been accounted for; and all requirements necessary for total system access has been deemed complete.

It's truly a matter of when the actual coordinated in-take "invitation" releases--which by the grace of God is finally a structural reality for all of humanity ... and on a real time basis as of today.

Believe, don't believe... the choice is mercifully yours.

God is with us.

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