Saturday, May 20, 2017

Garry Mcguire & Aggiedad77 Tidbits, 20 May

Garry Mcguire: ok i have been reading all the hot sheets stay grounded we are almost there next week is looking good..RELAX CHILL OUT MORE BEER ITS OK

Aggiedad77: I have a sense...this weekend will ROCK our world...in what way...well for one the leader of the Western world President Donald Trump is coming to the ME to meet with a number of ME leaders...Deep inside I feel that an announcement could be forthcoming from all of this...perhaps President Trump and Prime Minister Abadi center stage making an announcement that will cause much of the world to reel in their unbelief that these two have managed to make so much happen over the past 4.5 months or so....and President Trump is respectful enough to come to the ME to celebrate all that is about to happen...all IMO.

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