Thursday, May 18, 2017


FRANK26:"Float dinar .. is the solution to save foreign currency reserves"  Quotes:  "The situation in the Iraqi economy forces the central bank to move and adopt a flexible policy in the exchange rate in preparation for floating the dinar against other currencies in the medium term."  "Manages Floating, which allows the central bank to intervene to prevent sharp and sangerous fluctuations in the dinar exchange rate, can be used here."  THIS IS HUGE!  It talks about the monetary reform, the budget, etc.  “Medium term” means right now!  They are going to manage the FLOAT of the IQD...(yup, they learned from Kuwait).  They told you...their goal is to get to 1 to 1.  A managed float? That’s back to the GLORY DAYS family!  72-78 days...it will peak.  What were the glory days?  $3.40ish.  All of this information is coming at the speed of light...just like we said once we have Mosul.  The CBI has been ready since JANUARY of this year!  They are ready to go!

TMAN23: Everyone is hopeful...We can only wait and see what announcement comes out on Friday the 26th... and what shows 3/29...

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