Monday, May 1, 2017


..MR (Monetary Reform) is and was in the control of the IMF (USA)...And IMO it is complete. 

 But the part to Release it...Is in the hands of A. (Abadi).   Those are two completely different levels.   So IMO...A [Abadi] could careless about Your need for an RV...BUT CARES for his people and WHAT THEY need.

IMO...GIVE me Mosul and the OGM (Old Grand mosque)...

When A has CONFIDENCE enough to finish it and THEN...Well You know the rest.


  "Exclusive News - News reporter now: # fighters Daesh withdrew from Al-Nouri mosque following the progress of the Iraqi forces"  

 Anyone still thinking there's a delay?  No, there isn't, there is a plan.  BRAVO!

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