Saturday, May 13, 2017


Frank26: What do we need next? ......... Tell those that need to catch up. i am silent until the media catches up with our TEAMS.
Cole:  Imo, they won't catch up till the RV!!!!!  HAHAHAHA.... what do we do next? I'm sure this is above my pay grade... but uhhh, we wait for a moooooos'l announcement from PM Abadi. What do you think Frankie? (Edit: or you can just watch the cbi spreadsheet and watch the value of the dollor diminish against the powerful up and coming Dinar) lol

MilitiaMan:  Yes it is a very telling episode when the currency moves in our favor and when especially, when we see openly in public, a 1% move in strength to the US Dollar. Frank26 has been teachig this same thing over and over lately.. Ta Da Frank. imo ~ MM 
Frank26:  In this case i prefer to say ........ TA DA FREAKEN DA or TA DA FRANKEN DA .......lolNifli1:  Maybe you could tell us WHEN the media will catch up with your teams...

Frank26:  IMO .......... 9 to 17 days.

Cleitus:  Frank, IYO, do you think the "give me Mosul" mantra will come to fruition about the time when T arrives in SA and meets up with the other Arab leaders?  

Frank26:  Let me put it this way .......... They are Cross Roads of an RV.

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