Monday, May 15, 2017


FISHER UPDATE Here's what little I know that makes me believe we're about to get this: •They've released something around 6PM EDT for the past 3 nights, each with a 24 hr hold •"the button pusher" pressed the proverbial button •

The A-team do their thing •Core accounts have been released with transaction codes •Multiple parties have been told they'll be liquid tomorrow •Bank of America has been setting appointments for tomorrow •The G7 released a joint statement that they are going to honor all currency manipulation agreements to create a level playing field to stimulate the global economy •That means there are already agreements in place and they're about to acknowledge terms that have already been agreed upon (Paris Climate Agreement- the redistribution of wealth) 

•Tillerson gave the nod to the PCA •Mosul has been liberated and there are only two districts left being reported as under DAESH influence •Special ops have trained from 6-8 for the past 3 years. Which would seem to line up with a release for us tonight •It's Mothers Day and we're supposed to be headed into the age of the divine feminine. That being said there are attributes that we associate with women: kindness, beauty, nurturing, gentleness, etc. So if there were any consideration to these attributes we should see these attributes magnified in every aspect of Government, life, business, and so on. So what better day to change the world than today? 

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