Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Tuesday Prime Minister Abadi did an audio and video recording of an announcement that should be aired on Saturday. We expect an announcement made about Iraq. This would include the liberation of Mosul, the sovereignty aspect of Iraq, and include the language like redenomination of their currency.
The term redenomination is going to be utilized because it means there are lower denominations that are in play and are out. That would be the final step for Iraq when they had the lower denominations without the 3 zeros on them, we thought it is GO time and expect an announcement with that affect.
They have electricity on all over the country. It means they can have ATM powered up, and banks online. They have a whole new financial system. It has been completely redone. That financial system probably be announced also. Also as a permanent new members in the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Article: "A call for the adoption of a uniform pricing policy" Something is going on with the pricing of goods and services, ever so quietly. This is something to do with the future rate change – price of goods and services go down as the value of the currency goes up.

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