Friday, May 19, 2017


Quotes: “The situation in the Iraqi economy forces the central bank to move and adopt a flexible policy in the exchange rate in preparation for floating the dinar against other currencies in the medium term.“
“Manages Floating, which allows the central bank to intervene to prevent sharp and dangerous fluctuations in the dinar exchange rate, can be used here.”
They are going to manage the FLOAT of the IQD. Their goal is to get to 1 to 1.
BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow: confirmed the US ambassador to Iraq , Douglas Silliman, on Wednesday, his country seeks to return the money smuggled out of Iraq in the time of the former regime, pointing out that he has been re – some of those funds that were hidden. He said Silliman, in response to a reporter ‘s question , “Tomorrow ‘s Press”, during a press conference at the US embassy in Baghdad, said that “America has been working for several years to determine where the money went in the defunct Iraqi regime.” “During the last 13 years have been re – some of the money that was hidden on the government and the people , ” adding “there are dialogues with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to re – smuggled money.” He continued Silliman “There are funds remaining in some countries and their laws do not allow the return of funds because some of them do not know their accounts , ” noting that “This is one of the first Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari, and we are working with him to return the funds as much as possible.” It is noteworthy that the Integrity Commission, had confirmed in 2014 that the smuggled money and located in the countries to be retrieved and reached Trillion and $ 14 million,noting that there are some obstacles on the subject of receipt of the accused and the recovery of funds to different internal systems.

Ameri: We will liberate all Iraqi territory
5/18/2017 0:00
Ameri - We will liberate all Iraqi territoryEngineer inspects the axes of the popular crowd west of Mosul
, Baghdad / morning
new leader of the popular crowd Hadi al – Amiri emphasized that the crowd forces will liberate all the territories occupied by the organization «Daesh» regardless of its population, while losing leadership in the crowd Abu Mahdi engineer axes of the popular crowd west of Mosul. These moves coincided with the great progress of the heroes of the crowd in the northern axis of Kairouan, after gangs Tkebedhm «Daesh» heavy losses in lives and equipment. Ameri said in a press interview: «We say to everyone that we will not take permission from one to liberate our country and our land, basic and our mission is to liberate all of the ground in Iraq , regardless of its population.»
Al – Ameri added that «the disputed areas solved the Constitution through Article 140 and the President of the Republic is responsible for the implementation of this article» noting «reassure everyone, and tell them that this battle is not a political but a military purely to liberate the land from Aldoaash, and we will continue to the Iraqi – Syrian border».
So, you lose engineer edit Kairouan operations, and visited all the popular crowd west of Mosul axes.
So, he called for leadership in the liberation Guo Hawija to launch edit operations areas south of Kirkuk and west, confirming their readiness for the battle of liberation. Sheikh Haroun Burhan Assi the commander of the regiment in the liberation of Hawija force: that «hundreds of fighters from the south of Kirkuk and west are spread over a year ago in the pan – block lines in the Hamrin Mountains from the slot through the structures until the fields of Alas and Ajil» saying they were «waiting for the zero hour and launch operations Liberation ». He explained the sinner that «all ready fighters for the purpose of freeing their land and their towns and villages, farms , and their graves and Amadaifam that disgraced Daesh since June 2014 , and even today», pointing out that «we have given martyrs and mingled our blood with the sons of Amarah, Kut, Basra, Najaf, Kirkuk, Salahuddin, Sulaimaniya and Arbil , and the cities of Iraq». He called on the sinner, «to launch edits and payment of all security forces , a joint operation to prove the national spirit and unity of the Iraqis against the criminal enemy Daesh terrorist».


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