Thursday, May 18, 2017


BAGHDAD / Sky Press
Informed sources revealed that advisors and international experts will arrive on Wednesday, to the Kurdistan region to provide support and advice to a referendum of self-independence from Iraq or not.
The sources told “Sky Press,” that “a group of advisers and international experts will arrive on Wednesday, to the region, but the sources did not specify their number and did not reveal their nationalities at the same time.
It began political parties and actors in the Kurdistan region of mobility internally since the beginning of this year to hold the referendum in conjunction with the approach of Iraq’s expulsion from the organization Daesh city of Mosul, the largest and most important strongholds and ravaged in mid-2014.
Relations between Erbil and Baghdad strained since the federal government cut the budget of the Kurdistan region of financial budgets since 2014 to now.
And confirm the Kurdish leadership to hold a referendum of independence this year in a move as long as the Kurds dream of achieving.
Qi Card) company got through its participation in the Twenty-Third Congress of the Government of smart cities held in Dubai, the best smart initiative award.
According to a source familiar with the company’s “economy News” that the Qi card company got the best smart initiative award in exceptional circumstances on the initiative presented through its participation in the smart initiative in Dubai.
This award is a positive payment of what it carries a symbolic factor, which is honoring an Iraqi company hold such an international forum shared by international companies representing all countries of the world.
Economy News Agency
Here’s what has happened since. Iraq agreed to compensate Kuwait for the rest of the debt that they owed them. Kuwait basically told them not to pay them in currency, but in investment opportunities. So much reconciliation has been growing in the Middle East. An investment window was created for Kuwait. Now we are seeing articles about that. When the WB launched…the monetary reforms, that was the 1st stage of a rocket that launched them into orbit. The 2nd stage is the CBI to lift the zeros. More education has continued to the citizens regarding an increase in power of purchase. IMO…the MR did not stop or postpone when Allak said in January to delay things. The MR is a lava flow…and CAN NOT stop! We’ve been waiting for Mosul to be liberated. By Tuesday, or Wednesday – we should hear of the liberation of Mosul. LIBERATION will launch this country.

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