Wednesday, May 31, 2017


5-31-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   They are in Ramadan now and will set off the fireworks when the timing is right.  Some of the parades did take place a few days ago. They are in the midst of the celebration, but not full bloom as much as they will be as soon as the announcement is let out and the budget is put in the Gazette finally with the visible. My understating is our Secretary of the Treasury was supposed to make a phone call to PM Abadi this morning [Tuesday]. I don’t have confirmation that occurred, and I think it was going to be a congratulation call for the RV of the currency and the sovereignty and return of Mosul.  We don’t know the exact rate on the screens. They were trading those currencies up to new levels. Everything is moving forward and you are moving forward with it.   I know we are very close. Let’s pray we are at the end of this ride and we get to see this thing very shortly.   [post 2 of 2]

5-31-2017   Intel Guru Bruce
  I think the fact it is pretty quiet overall is a good thing. Some sources we had in the past have gone dark.  A lot of things have happened very positively to move this thing along. We do know what has happened in Iraq they have had some rate changes in country.  Still looking for an international announcement about the RV of the currency, and the fact they are truly sovereign as a nation and have their complete sovereignty back. The take back of Mosul has been accomplished for some time, but it is just coming out the last couple of days in main stream news.  Infrastructure projects in Iraq to keep going and moving. They laid brand new electrical cable in Mosul, new fiber optics, new links in all the banks, all connected and working, ATM machines are up and running. Throughout the country all are ready.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-31-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   "Our economy is space. Monetary policy is an example"  The...article is a VERY HARD translation - BUT IMHO FILLED with DEAD GIVE-AWAYS!  ...for those pouting about not being rich yet - this is one more log on the FIRE!  What it means is - they are doing things (up until now) this economist doesn't understand and can't explain.  Quotes:  "...we urgently need a new economic philosophy that leads to generating development And to expand the supply and demand for local production in all its variants, especially in an important aspect of monetary policy is dealing with the value of the development of the dinar or the liberation of the value of the dinar..."  "The liberalization or floating of the currency is not strange or innovative in the money market, it is a tool of the monetary policy..."  BOOOOM...That's all I have to say. That is a DIRECT narrative on the state of the currency value in Iraq. This was published yesterday.  Cannot be anymore direct.

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