Saturday, May 20, 2017


5-20-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   I have a sense...this weekend will ROCK our world...in what way...well for one the leader of the Western world President Donald Trump is coming to the ME to meet with a number of ME leaders...Deep inside I feel that an announcement could be forthcoming from all of this...perhaps President Trump and Prime Minister Abadi center stage making an announcement that will cause much of the world to reel in their unbelief that these two have managed to make so much happen over the past 4.5 months or so....and President Trump is respectful enough to come to the ME to celebrate all that is about to happen...all IMO. 

5-20-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98
   At 6am this morning, even the press were at the mosques, which is not the normal situation.  Could it be everything was on target to the last minute and then there was a shift or change?  I don’t know.   The CBI is not replenishing currency to the dealers, although we are still checking on that.  It’s all lining up, even though we don’t have the smoking gun to say it’s all actual and factual.   Citizens are still reporting lower prices in Iraq...  Full liberation and reconciliation are coming, eventually.  We didn’t get the announcement this morning we expected;  they are getting ready to celebrate tomorrow [Saturday], and we’ll see if it is for what we’re looking for.  I’m feeling really good with what’s going on. They can only stretch this thing out so long, not that they are doing it TO us, but for their own reasons.  In the meantime, all we can do is hold on, knowing the day you are seeking is coming, and we are really ready.   [post 2 of 2]  [See the latest Mosul map below on 5-19-2017]

5-20-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98    Earlier, we were hearing an expectation of the full liberation of Mosul being announced officially by the 19th...   Up until now, we have heard of districts being liberated in the old city of Mosul.  Earlier in the week, we heard about nine districts being left, then five, and right now I don’t know how many are left to be liberated, if any.  PM Abadi had put out that there would be a big celebration after the announcement, and of course what that celebration is about is subject to interpretation – liberation, economic reform, reconciliation, revaluation of the currency, the use of lower denominations and fils.  That remains to be seen, but there seem to be preparations for that celebration tomorrow [Saturday].

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