Thursday, May 11, 2017


5-11-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana  [In 17 days we will see the start of Ramadan...May 26th...this will run until June 24th and then generally they have the 3 day feast.  In the past you have mentioned that nothing much happens during Ramadan.  What are your thoughts on this for 2017?]  Same. Let's see how the next week plays out. 

5-11-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Let me now go in the direction of...an article from an economist...this economist...is actually an advisor and goes to many of the seminars and meetings...and he knows the CBI plan...so his opinion about what they are doing with their Exchange Rate...how they need to INSTALL it as the article says...is strong confirmation IMO of what he is saying because it is in accord with the CBI, IMF, WB plans or projects...which is to lift the Exchange Rate...This article itself is also pointing to the investors of Iraq...we are lifting the restrictions on the Exchange Rate...we are liberating the Exchange Rate from a Program Rate...because Mosul is not an issue anymore...and I believe they have gone from the concept of liberating Mosul to the liberation of the Program Rate...so the investors can come in and rebuild through the infrastructure of Iraq...all of a sudden it looks like they put the locomotive engine of the Monetary Reform back on track...

5-11-2017   Intel Guru Delta   [ I...have to ask you about a meeting in Lebanon, the Iraqi Stock Exchange is raising its head out of the water...]   ...the Iraqi Stock Exchange...they were supposed to go international in the NASDAQ...and in the last quarter of 2016 they were supposed to go international...but that didn’t work out for 2016, so they came out and said we are going to shoot for early 2017...but that didn’t work out because they are waiting on the rate...for Iraqi Stock Exchange to go international their currency has to be recognizable...Article VIII...and they have to come up with a true rate...so they have been in Lebanon for two days in conferences...we know they have the platform, software...again this is another confirmation they are waiting on one thing...which is the Currency Reform...    ...from the WB, to the IMF, to LAUNCHING this or that, e-dinar, the CBI and whatever they are doing right now...nothing is going to work without the rate...  Iraq is at a program rate...they have to have their purchasing power back...they have to have their wealth back...so all of this needs the rate...needs the Currency Reform...and that is why it is so significant now seeing everyone going towards that.

5-11-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   "Economists then wonder the government's insistence on the use of "penny" cash as a unit"  ...they are not saying the fils or lower denominations are out in circulation.  They are talking about the proposed future currency...the new lower denominations. It is obvious they are NOT in favor of the penny since they have not had the penny for over 30 years [since the 1980’s] and the newer generation does not know anything about it or how to use it.  So the CBI must be training the citizens on what to expect shortly.   Why is this so good for us and the RV? Because they are talking about it, Mosul liberation is very close and so what do you think they are planning to do next?  

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