Wednesday, May 10, 2017


5-10-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    This morning [Tuesday] we were suppose to have the new budget for Iraq in their Gazette published. It was not in the Gazette. The budget would contain the rate of the dinar, something everyone could see and therefore could be put out around the world for all to see the new Iraqi dinar rate.   It is something they have sort of kept from us. Possibly waiting for the announcement about Mosul...   The process is under way. The GCR/RV is under way. We are in the midst of it happening now. It has initiated. Just realize we are right there. The rates continue to be traded up. They are in great shape.  We know it is coming. They are finishing up last minute touches.  The information I just got is very exciting.  The proximity is we are right there. I can’t say we will definitely have it tonight or tomorrow. ...it wouldn’t surprise me if we get it...soon.  I am very excited.

5-10-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Central: The reality of the Iraqi economy makes it imperative to develop financial operations"   Quote:  "indicating that the deposit guarantee law is the cornerstone of this topic and its application is true to move liquidity in the right direction and transfer to the banking sector , which Ciozvha in the national economy first . The estimated volume of liquidity in Iraq to 47 trillion Iraqi dinars in homes around hoarding 70 percent of this amount , according to indicators of specialized centers and finance experts.  I see Iraq a crossroads, they need to get these things done now so the CBI can get the banking system open to the world for foreign investment.  No time to waste and they have been talking about a private sector way to long.

5-10-2017   Intel Guru Delta
   [...there was another meeting going on...a big meeting that happened about 24 hours ago with Abadi, Joubari, Hakim, Sadr...what do you think about this big meeting with these powerful men...?]  I agree this was a huge meeting...it appears to have been a very successful meeting…We believe this meeting was regarding an announcement...and that is about the liberation of Mosul and they await the right timing...and by the way I do not believe Mosul to be an issue anymore...we are just waiting for them to announce it officially...they just wait for the right moment to announce it...and of course after that we wait for the announcement of the currency or Financial Reform...   [post 2 of 2]

5-10-2017   Intel Guru Delta   [Abadi and Allak are going to look like heroes aren’t they.]  Oh yes those two people will look so good, especially once Mosul is liberated...they get the credit...even with no official notification...all indications and what they are doing behind closed doors and with the economic conferences and seminars taking place...they are shifting their focus from terrorists to their economy because we believe Mosul is a done deal...yes these two people I believe will look like heroes...one is the Prime Minister Abadi...like two birds with one stone who liberates every city from DAASH and ISIS and gives Iraq Security...and the other one is the governor of the CBI Allak who will also look like a hero for the plan he has created...this guy is doing what is necessary to help their currency and their country and he deserves a lot of the credit.

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