Friday, May 19, 2017



Intel only    Notes by R601a

Good things are coming soon - we are at the beginning of T4. (Tier4)

800 numbers are ready to roll.

HOWEVER just as we believe we'd found all the puzzle pieces a new piece is discovered.
Iraq - liberation of Mosul was announced late today - intel received by email (not yet confirmed).

TV's are being given out to public plus bluetooth speakers - to allow rapid mass access to news and developments.

Mass announcements expected Friday - possibly early.

May not trigger RV - however we expect it will.
​Have announced that they are open for international business.

Major step in the process.

Friday - Expecting major announcements re Mosul - and hopefully - their currency RV internationally.

Stolen and embezzled funds will be returned - repatriation is happening now.
Multiple trillions (USD) worth of dinars.

This was needed to take place prior to the revaluation.

17 Church groups paid yesterday - partly hydrated - not fully available for a few days.

Some people are leaving exchange with up to 3 million dollars on cards.

T3 (Tier 3) we believe is virtually finished - possibly by tonight.

Looking like a realistic window for T4 is from tonight through to and including next Sunday.

Wells Fargo - today - stopped selling Dong.

Rates still strong - ZIM slightly higher over last few days.

Am excited about this weekend.

800 number to call - set appointment - exchange - it will be simple.

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