Friday, May 19, 2017

Bruce says We are going to be very pleased with the bank rates or screen rates , 19 MAY

There was an announcement Sunday morning... Prime Minister Abadi made an announcement welcoming countries around the world to come to Iraq to begin to do business. Iraq is open for business.

  A simple announcement, but one that carries weight because he couldn’t make that announcement if they were not ready to do business with a rate, with a new currency in the sense of the lower denominations of the dinar, and with a full engaged banking system, financial system that works all over the country even in Mosul.  

 They are ready for business, ready to begin to being international again. 

 We are going to be very pleased even what we will see on the screens of the so called bank rates or screen rates.

 The timing is everything that is what we are waiting for, the actual release timing 

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