Saturday, May 6, 2017


( Hi everyone. Just had a long telecon with Bluwolf who has asked me to relay the following.)

BLUWOLF: There is enormous work going on in the background to bring the release numbers we expect. They are expected in short order at which point you will become aware of rates.

The rates are still mobile which is why he doesn't do rates. Indeed those that give out rates when asked not to ARE NOT HELPING THE PROCESS IN ANY WAY.

All Intel people, on top of that have been asked not to give rates. So please relax . Approaching banks and increasing stress levels for all is negative.

Lets turn towards the relaxed meditative state that I requested this morning . A positive state of grateful acceptance of what these incredible guys HAVE NEGOTIATED/FACILITATED/WORKED ON FOR US WILL truly bring it to us in short order.

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