Wednesday, May 31, 2017


BGG   "Our economy is space. Monetary policy is an example" 

The...article is a VERY HARD translation - BUT IMHO FILLED with DEAD GIVE-AWAYS!  ...for those pouting about not being rich yet - this is one more log on the FIRE! 
What it means is - they are doing things (up until now) this economist doesn't understand and can't explain.

Quotes:  "...we urgently need a new economic philosophy that leads to generating development And to expand the supply and demand for local production in all its variants, especially in an important aspect of monetary policy is dealing with the value of the development of the dinar or the liberation of the value of the dinar..."  "The liberalization or floating of the currency is not strange or innovative in the money market, it is a tool of the monetary policy..." 

BOOOOM...That's all I have to say. That is a DIRECT narrative on the state of the currency value in Iraq. This was published yesterday.  Cannot be anymore direct.

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