Monday, May 15, 2017


BGG says():Hey gang - we're about ready to get started    you all ready for News Time?

dwsdad says():yep
Okie Dinar says():Yes
tycho says():ready
watchman42 says():YES SIR
stunningone says():Yes

BGG says():s 73

dale says():Yes
stunningone says():Getter done

BGG says():Ok let's do...
sassy says():I know I am
magnetlady says():WAHOO

BGG says():OK gang - gonna' be a short, powerful News Time tonite, since there is only a few things that matter going on right now.

Once I cover this stuff, I'll open it up for an extended Q & A...

BGG says():First off...
BGG says():17 hours ago

BGG says():  Iraqi Day (not a terrible news source)... tweeted out this

Then    later today...

Dinar Dave says():tweeted nothing??

BGG says():roughly 6 hours ago  Iraqi Day tweeted this...

#ISIS CALIPHATE HAS ENDED. #Iraq forces storm 4 districts in #Mosul today & gains are incredible, only 2 districts left under ISIS control.

"gains are INCREDIBLE"...

Earlier today the Fox News Ticker said that Iraqi Spec Ops and U.S. backed-Commandos had breached the final line of defense and fortifications held by ISIS in Mosul.

so I guess these GURU's saying there will a rate 5 days after Mosul is retaken are about to be "on the clock" once again...

BGG says():: D     which I care little about - but we are about to see what we see.

Prognostication - that is... I care greatly about the actual fruition of our investment.

They could actually have Mosul completely liberated by tomorrow (if they make the same gains as today).

Not that I am saying that - or predicting it... I am just putting some context on things.

Pablo says():: )

larrykn says to BGG():just got a news article that is dated tomorrow if you want it brought in

pacella says():Can some one expail aboutnTEL AFAR Im confuse I though we were just waiting for Mosul

pacella says():or TM23 just blowing smoke

pacella says():explain
Dinar Dave says():Lol

BGG says to pacella():Hard to say for sure - depends entirely on what the IMF, UN and WB are comfortable with regarding security.

david212 says():Does the lentght of timeline of the currency reform havel arge enough negative consequenses to delay the economic recovery? and the

BGG says to pacella():I'm not saying I know for sure one way or the other - I do not. I doubt very much the process is a long one - it will be entirely up to them and their level of international acceptance and support.

david212 says():Is there an economic cliock ticking
david212 says():Thanks BGG

pacella says():Why would'nt the US not want it liberated?

BGG says to david212():I doubt it on both counts - IMHO.

They do need the reforms to start fairly soon - but it's not dire in some "have to" sort of way.

BGG says to pacella():not an issue - the US does want them liberated. Non-issue.

eman4u55 says to david212():there is in my house
eman4u55 says():srryo

BGG says to eman4u55():: D

jxxl1501 says():I thank everyone for all the hard work,, But is the Round Table gone .. ?

pacella says():ok thank you BGG s51

BGG says to larrykn():You had some News to share?
larrykn says to BGG():5/15/2017 0:00    Mosul / morning    with the rising of a new dawn on Sunday, our heroine began a sweeping attack from three axes to free another revival of the right side of theconnector.

The championships coincided with successive victories in terms of Kairouan by the popular crowd Snaded Almsnaudin Btiran army forcing terrorists to flee towards the center of the besieged currently in preparation for storming it .

According to the commander of operations (coming, Nineveh), Lieutenant - General Abdul Amir Aarallah, the "joint military forces stormed at dawn on Sunday , four neighborhoods simultaneously in advance and set off Juhavlha three axes.

" He said in astatement issued by the media cell war that "anti - terrorism forces began at dawn stormed neighborhoods Oraibi and Rifai from the western axis and was able during thebrief period of the destruction of enemy fortifications Aldaasha and inflict heavy losses.

"He added that "at the same time embarked on forces of the Federal Police of Force rapid response supported by the Fourth Brigade Thirty of the Armored Division IX stormed theeconomic district and the southern part of the neighborhood (July 17) , which is one of the most prominent and the most dangerous spots Daesh gangs, and able forces destroy the block lines and crossing defenses the enemy Aldaasha collapsed.

 " The ninth Armored Division troops stormed the northern part of the neighborhood itself, and destroyed his defense lines. He stressed that the team Aarallah forces continue toprogress in all axes.

Military experts believe that this progress and after the liberation of the neighborhood (July 17) will not be left only part of the old areas of the city, where our troops are approaching the narrow collar down more terrorists holed up in . They pose achallenge because of the nature of the narrow alleys of densely populated area ofcivilians.

BGG says to larrykn():Nice - so they think the 17th??

larrykn says to BGG():no the 17th is a village of some sort not a date

BGG says to larrykn():My bad - that seems to be a bad interpretation...

BGG says to jxxl1501():you mean the calls??

jxxl1501 says():yes

larrykn says to BGG():on the map it says 17th next to some type of writing

BGG says to jxxl1501():Nope - just haven't done one in a while... I think everyone has been hoping we wouldn't need another one

Okie Dinar says():Anymore questions?

jxxl1501 says():Ifeel they are more inforative

beachandcountry says():IN A MIN IF O K ?

BGG says to jxxl1501():We will do more - everyon has just been busy.
BGG says to jxxl1501():Plus - wouldn't you rather not need one soon??
jxxl1501 says():thank you very very much
BGG says to jxxl1501():Then we can have calls about all kinds of other stuff.
Okie Dinar says to BGG():( y )
BGG says to jxxl1501():like don't give your Dinar away to internet hucksters.
puffdragon says to BGG():s 73
Josie says():? (Have something to share that I saw today)
david212 says():Thank you BGG
jxxl1501 says():no problem !

BGG says to jxxl1501():If we put together some kind of deal for everyone to exchange under a better deal - you will get to hold your own Dinar all the way to the exchange... or we won't do it.
jxxl1501 says():I like that idea

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