Thursday, May 4, 2017

Better Late Than Never* by Dr. Dinar, 4 MAY

*Better Late Than Never* by Dr. Dinar

As time ticks by, one thing becomes more and more apparent. What I thought would happen pertaining to the RV/GCR seems to be quite a bit different than what appears to be rolling out before our eyes.

Roll this around for a bit and see if it doesn't make a bit of sense.

We've heard for years there will be tears ... ooops, I mean Tiers. Not only in the process of getting to the end of the RV/GCR but also in the exchange process.

Meaning that the Big Wig Crooksters will obviously go first. They appear to be a Tier above Tier 1. Or at least they think so anyway.

Then it will be what I always considered to be Tier 1, the so called VIP's, Countries, Governments, etc. that will get to exchange. Which for the most part we began to hear about quite a while ago.
I myself believe the Banks themselves have been trading behind the scenes for the past few years as a way to bolster their Reserves, helping them to become Basel III compliant. But that's another story.

So basically we have these Tiers that have been exchanging for quite some time. Things didn't get ugly until a few years or so ago when we first got word that the Banksters were doing their own version of the Crooked Friends & Their Crooked Families Plan.

And as much as we hated it, at least that showed some type of progress for lack of a better word.

And for the past couple few years those of us in the larger (in theory Tier 2) Groups were told that thanks to not only our large numbers but our being well organized as well as well behaved (No bank parking lot campouts nor Texas buses for us, no Sir), that we would go long before the general public.

Yet as the clock continues to tick away, that seems to be anything but the case. What if by chance they decided that since they already had a list of our names and a relative guesstimate of our 'holdings', which I'm sure has at least quadrupled if not fivedrupled since then),  they have decided that we are no longer going to get preferential treatment. That we are no longer 'special'.
Since they already have us figured out, contracts seemingly drawn up and rates basically figured out, that they have just shoved us to the end of the line.

No need to squeeze us in prior to the public release because they now have the NDA's (which they didn't have two plus years ago) to keep our lips zipped.

Therefore there won't be a problem with letting us exchange at the same time as the public because they know we will keep our eyes straight ahead and form a single file line as instructed.

Once we receive our emails, we will immediately put down our crack pipes, put in our false teeth and assume perfect dinarbot mode. And waiver we shall not for fear of getting our backs clawed.

So in essence we have moved from semi high priority Tier 2 down to lowly scraping for scraps Tier 3 (or Tier 4 if there is such a thing) due to our own due diligence doing us in.

That's not to say that we won't get to exchange but our dreams of being in the Bahamas while everybody else was still glued to their computer screens, waiting for the new CBI site to pop up have all been washed away with the tide.

As much as I hate to believe this is what's happening, our attempt at being on top of things just might have sent us straight to the bottom of the pile.

Unfortunately this really makes more and more sense to me and it explains why we are no longer a priority (nor a concern) of any sort.

Sure, we hear all the mini groups are going through because they have contracts and rates and are small enough to get shoved through the process without any fanfare.

As well as a few chosen 'guppies' along the way just for the halibut.

But it's us big fish that they're saving for last, knowing that we'll more than likely be making our appointments as instructed and going to Exchange Centers (not rushing the banks) for our Currency Exchanges.

Notice I didn't say Cash In nor Cash Out but CURRENCY EXCHANGE? They learned us toothless folk well.

So while this might not be anything even remotely close to what's going on, this scenario is beginning to fit this crazy puzzle more and more with each and every window coming to a close.

But as always, I will never waiver in my belief of this merely being a question of 'when' it will happen, not 'if' it will happen.

So let's all hang in there. There's just too much visual evidence for all to see that we're closer than we've ever been to seeing our dreams come to fruition.

Dr. Dinar

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