Friday, April 14, 2017


Are Markets closed today?

PJ yes it appears markets are closed

One thing of interest for Trust set up in 2016. If you have a Trust that you set up in 2016, you need to file an IRS form 1041 for the 2016 Income Txa on or before the tax deadline for 2016 taxes even if there is no money deposited into that trust during the 2016. This is important folks failure to do so could trigger an audit by the IRS

Thanks Avon & Dp....did not start out feeling to swift...having a bad week physically....but the room was unpleasant this a.m. - so it only made me feel worse.......so left...room is better now


Maybe Admin should put up 3 colors in the background for Easter colors....and really get everyone mixed up...lol would be pretty tho

That would keep Bill busy...and I sure he has time to sort colors....lol....just kidding...don't know how he works so much & manages the site too

I was told awhile back that Kawait RV'd late afternoon...so don't give up!

You will get your 800 number today


Chucky, I am having one of the worst days of my life. Are you serious?


Chucky... is that intuition or intel?

Chucky Really ? I hope you know something solid

Chucky. Genuine intel ?? Heaven


interesting that It Is Finished are the last words of Jesus on the Cross (today....Good Friday) How fitting that would be for this blessing also as God loves to piece things together like that. so maybe....??


To Chuckyboy .... The only way to get your 800
is from a bank .... period

FF...why, please explain...

because a teller is not wquiped to handle that transaction. He/she will IMO refer you to a wealth manager in that particular bank

Remember where all this 800# garbage started from

The wealth manager or the representative IMO will handle the transaction.
Too much HOCUS POCUS in dinarland folks


FF...so how we going to be notified ?

Remember, the same person that started that 800# nonsense also was saying there will be groups recieving $40.00 plius for their IQD. Give me a break

laszlo we will see it on the CBI, Forex, Bloomberg


NOBODY is going before anybody else

So FF you must disagree with AB on the existence of the 800 numbers?

Ff I got a question have u ever heard of a person named Dan Lutz

006 nope

006....don't touch it with a 10 foot pole.... i have...


Ok thanks ff he put out a couple videos this week and was wondering who he was


I don't believe in selective 800#s NO. I've been saying that since 2012


You want a rate right now? call the 800# for citigroup Forex

Ok... that's my rant for the day

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