Saturday, April 15, 2017


I will bet ANYBODY a coffee here that Chucky is 100% wrong

ok n...now I'm done ....... Smile


Just be happy thaat Greenspan, Cheney and Bush gave us the opportunity to be involved in this investment !!!!!

have to leave in a few minutes friends. Have a peaceful evening and weekend Smile

Natureaddict wrote 
32m ago
FF was in earlier stating there won't be any 800 numbers. I hope he is wrong. Got me a bit bummed. I know he is a pretty good source

Nature- i think he meant that we will just use the established regular bank numbers.

Hi CJ.. I know but since I have Zim I'm not sure that helps me

Is chucky a troll. Like the doll?


BTW all I heard from another source that I can't divulge that today is supposed to be the day as well although I'm wondering when that might be!

Let's hope. My mood is pretty shot so I don't want to bring my bad energy in. Just wanted to share that piece of information. Chucky came in earlier and also said today we would get our 800 #

Nature - I had that same type of day too so thanks for the info. And no email from Blondie

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