Sunday, April 23, 2017

~~~WSOMN BREAKING NEWS~~~ Mangelo Has Admiral's Group Update!!!, 23 APRIL

Admiral's group still quiet here? I heard they are all getting calls & thats good news for all of us

yep they are being notified was my understanding too!   they have several groups with in the group. is what i was told on their notification....so we will see tomorrow...

I want to see what information come out after 4 pm tomorrow..  It was great to hear their prices where going down!!!

I remember when Tony said that wen this would go down they would be parting for several days before we would go....

there are many subs of the main admirals group.....i am an admin for a faction of a higher up part. no notices have gone out to any admirals people as of right now. if the notice comes in, i will let this room know.....that i can promise to you.....there are no secrets with me

Reading from the bottom I see we have a connection person with the Admirals group who said nothing going on there (Contrary to other Guru reports) So I guess we can throw the Tier concept out the window now>

ted im that person and i didnt say that nothing is going on, just that they are not funded. pleanty going on. sorry if i mislead you. as i said, if i get a go notice, i will let this room know.

You know I sometimes give Admin a hard time but at least I will say this for him, he does not spread false rumors like Some of the other groups that I will not name but you all know who I an talking about.

ted ok, i will bow out....just trying to answer some questions

Not upset with you toolfan4 just the upset with this every weekend promise when we all know nothing happens on the weekends. I will shut up for now just tired from all the work I did today. I shouldn't bring my emotions here..

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