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Tony's Back , 24 APRIL

Notes of Tony Rap Session and Q & A on OM Sunday AM, April 23, 2017  *** designates CORRECTED INFORMATION
Both Tony and Ray were very, very positive the revalue of the Iraq currency will happen before the end of the month because of all the intel they have coming in from within Iraq.  They have multiple contacts inside Iraq sending them information.    It was at 1 am in the morning when they received phone calls telling them about the prices dropping inside Iraq.  
Tony said they were expecting the RV to happen last weekend and expect it now anytime and most definitely this week.  He is expecting calls today.  He said he’s seen more happen in Iraq over the last three weeks than in the last three years.   The news articles out of Iraq are using past tense, which he said means it’s already done.  Tony was asked if he would be on the call to give out the 800 numbers and he said he would be on that first call.

  • Over 6 million people own dinar  (that’s an old figure – I remember it from three years ago)
  • The IMF and the WB put out statements yesterday that Iraq is ready to join the world.

    Do not expect a big news, breaking news announcement when Iraq changes the value of their currency.  It may sound more like, “world markets shifting.”

    Gold standard:   “Ray:  Gold standard looks to be where they are driving it.  At sometime will move from fiat to gold standard.”  No timeline was mentioned for that.  “Tony:  Will bring us back to a level playing field with other countries.  We (US) do not have gold.  China has more gold than we do right now.”

  • Tony’s Personal Financial Strategy:  Everything I do, somebody will audit the auditors.  It will be three levels deep. No one will have control of anything.

Mouses:  The 1st mouse, 2nd mouse and 3rd mouse scenario is still in place.   First mouse is when the market rate 1stcomes out.  Second mouse is waiting for the rate to go up.
Exchanging:  The internet and 800’s will be used to get the word out to the US citizens.  Majority of those will exchange within first few days.   Others who have not kept up with this information and status of the RV will exchange over time as they hear about it.
Three minutes on the 800 number is allowed to make an appointment and 20 minutes to do an exchange.  (I still wonder how they will do this since it takes over an hour to open an account.  Perhaps that part will be separate from the exchange itself – like after you make the exchange – like an assembly line process)  They expect to exchange 300,000 in the first few hours.

  • When it comes out the market will drive the value up more and if your waiting for that to happen you will need a quick reaction to exchange at the increased rate.

    Exchanges will be at centers and in the last three weeks he has heard having a business plan or humanitarian project may be helpful in the exchange.   Ray they had heard that information on a phone call and he personally was still out to lunch about that information. 
  • Tony stressed having a plan because you will be making multiple decisions at that time.  What rate you can negotiate for will be based on how much and long you will leave it in the bank.  EX:  Rate now if you leave 40%:  Another rate if you leave 30% and another rate if you leave 20%. 

    NDA:  Tony said his contacts told him, “You don’t want to sign it.”  Explained the people who advised him were people who know about the NDA and told him you don’t want these people in your life, 10 years from now, looking to see if you’ve told someone;  finding  a way to take your money back.  He said those who have signed it signed a 4 page document.  He said he was told, “Just don’t do it.”  And that you have to decide if it’s worth $2 more.   Ray said he will sign an NDA. (On OM they stressed reading the NDA carefully to make your decision.

  • ZIM:  The 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion ZIM notes of 2008 and 2009 will be exchanged as a bond.    As I understand what he said, *** OVER $500 million will be paid out as a structured settlement.  Under $500 million USD will be at cash value.  Tony also said the US will be using the ZIM as a reserve currency.

ADDITIONAL Notes from OM:  If you live in a town of 50K – 100K you may want to go to a larger town to exchange to keep your business from being out on the street in  your town.

A word of caution:   The subject of trusts came up during the call.  Tony deferred to Ray about Trusts saying, "Ray is the trust expert."  Later on OM a discussion ensued about Trusts being set up by your bank.  The consensus is the bank will set up the trust in their own favor, it will be revocable and you may not get the kind of trust Ray advocates or is in your best interest.

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