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TNT Call notes 

17-April-2017 Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# 

RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, April 17, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls. I went to the sunrise service yesterday… Today is all about resurrection; I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. 

Let’s get into the thick of the matter. I don’t believe I’m going to be long. Where do we go from here. We had an interesting Friday for information. I was reading where a member posted in chat: “Why does Ray receive info that gets us all whipped into a frenzy – who does that profit?” 

I don’t give you information with the purpose of getting you into a tizzy, and the information shouldn’t do that unless you place too much on it. Yes, the SKR people were told their funds would be there by Friday, and banks are tripping over each other with excitement that this is coming out. From my understanding, there was a concerted effort to get this done this weekend. Everything indicated that, but it didn’t. However, all the indicators pointed in that direction. SKR information proved false; I happened to be talking to SKR holders, and they gave me that information, and I gave it to you, and we all have to see what that produces. 

But that was not designed to put you in a frenzy when it doesn’t manifest when we expect or want it to. This is very much real and happening, it’s just that some of the information that I can’t share with you is rock solid, and the other intel is pretty much on target although it may miss by a week or so; most of the information has come true over time. I never gave you a solid date for the RV, but what I give you is based on ALL the information I hear. 

I don’t get to hear everything, but some of what I do hear cannot be communicated to you, but I can pass on a feeling of assurance. I have no reservations about Iraq revaluing its currency; I thought it would happen a week ago, then some were being told Easter or immediately thereafter. That’s where we are now, but that is not saying “it is coming today”. However, I have information that can make you feel good about where we are in the grand scheme of things. 

I won’t draw any conclusions, but can say “here is where we are, and what we can look forward to.” We don’t get dates and rates, and that is by design. I haven’t heard from any of the SKR holders yet. We have been communicating in a way that lets me know they have not been funded. They have been told more than once that they will see money in their accounts, and that challenges their faith. 

Even though they have bank statements with amounts that are pending, that’s a test of faith. Others have seen internet statements about ‘segments’, but this morning is the first I’ve heard of that, and no one has communicated that to me directly. As one of the major players in this field, I would think that someone would say that to me to pass on to you. 

All I know is what I think they know – that our numbers here are significant, and if there is something they want the masses to know, I would think they would tell me, unless I’ve been blacklisted for telling the truth. We will continue to tell the truth as we know it, and also say if something is not the truth. Here is where we are, based on Friday coming into Monday – all the information is still holding, expecting this any minute. 

We did get some mosque reports, which led to some expectations for Saturday morning into Monday morning, and these did not materialize. From that expectation, we are now looking at Iraq again saying to stop using the US dollar, and supposedly this is going into effect on Tuesday, and therefore we should see use of dinar at 3-4 times higher than the current rate, which is 89 cents, more or less. 

We’ve heard from members sending money to Iraq and receiving that rate of 83-89 cents. Anyone from Iraq traveling abroad has to convert their dinars to another currency, and the rate is about 90 cents, not 1180 (or whatever the program rate). So that gives us the $4-5 exchange rate that has been reported to us. 

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: For years Banks have been reported ready, staffed, on lockdown, expectant, et al; YET nothing! Is it safe to say that any such “intel” re Banks would now be of no value and NOT an indicator of an impending RV? A: Of course not. Who do you think is going to exchange you in the US? If they are saying ‘no way, Jose’, then that is disheartening. However, if there are people in the banks ready to go, that is an indicator. Memos have come out saying “get ready for exchange”, and we know of people who are working all hours. Everything the banks is saying is indicative of the RV, and that is of value to me, because they will be told first that the time has come. If a bank calls me to come in, I will call Iraq and ask what’s happening. Whether Iraq supports that or not, I’m going to the bank! I’ve been on the bandwagon of the banks for a few years now, because I follow the money and the money’s at the bank. 

Q: It has been reported that the “fils” are “in the Iraq Banks”. Do we have a SOLID source that confirms that fils are in the Iraq Banks? 

A: I don’t have a solid source confirming that fils are in the bank. We have had reports of 11 billion USD in lower denominations being at the banks, and I have solid belief that the fils are there, too. 

Q: Segments starting in the west of the US and making there way eastward? 

A: I covered that in the opening statement, and I can go with some of it. There is supposed to be something significant happening tomorrow in Iraq, so we’ll see. 

Q: Any tariffs adjustments in Iraq? 

A: I haven’t heard of any. 

Q: Will rates change before e-dinars kick in at the end of April? 

A: Yes. 

Live Q and A 

845/404 caller: At the end of this week is the IMF/World Bank Spring meeting; are you hearing anything to be announced at that meeting? 

RayRen: I don’t know; as me again on Wednesday. There will be call on Wednesday, one way or the other – I just don’t know what type of call. 

Caller: About Iraqi security, we have heard that their leader has been captured by the Russians. How significant is it that he be brought to justice? Or is that a moot point? We keep being told that security has to be 100% in alignment in Iraq for the RV. 

RayRen: I don’t think that is significant in relation to the RV, especially if tomorrow yields what we are hoping. I expect to hear something when their business hours start. 

917 caller: I’ve been in this for 13 years now, so I have a lot of patience. Just hold on; we are there. 

732 caller: You are on the top three spots for the segments, according to an article I was reading. Also, they state you have to be listening to the sites/gurus to get an 800 numbers, and I am not officially a member at TNT, but you will have a call…? 

RayRen: I wish they would let me know! Yes, I will have a call if there is an 800 number. If there were any 800 numbers, do you really think people won’t circulate it?? I’m not talking about what ‘they’ say, I’m talking common sense. People just don’t keep secrets; we’ll find at least one person that we will tell things to, so it will get out anyway. Even the groups that have their own contractual agreements will give out the number they receive – it’s human nature, and most of us know that. So for someone to put out that people will then keep to themselves… ? I might get a phone call from a bank, and they tell me it’s for the TNT people only; how far will that go? Will you not give that to your family members at least? You know that will be shared. Let’s be real; we’re dealing with human beings who love their family members and owe other people favors, and if it’s not going to put them in jail or get them killed, and this will help other people, they will not keep it to themselves unless they are sworn to secrecy. I cannot get the TNT members sworn to secrecy; it’s just not practical. 

Caller: Do you still speak to Tony and DC? 

RayRen: DC is on sabbatical, so we don't bring him up or talk about him. 

281 caller: I don’t see that happening either, because we all have people we brought into this, and we would have to share that information with them or they won’t know when to go to the bank. So that secret 800 number thing is really not feasible. Unless I signed an NDA, I would not keep it to myself. We want to help those we told about this… 

604 caller: Someone in British Columbia was going to have the banking community get together for a seminar; have they contacted you? 

RayRen: No, not yet. Next caller: You and Tony don’t know it, but as soon as you send out the RV, my niece and I are moving in with you until we get this sorted out! We’ll pay the rent! 

928 caller: I’ve been listening for seven years come September, but this is my first call. A while back, it seemed that we could maybe exchange one note to keep us going, and then exchange the rest later. Is that still possible? It would be great to have travel money. 

RayRen: There are more advantageous ways to do that. How much do you need right away? Ten grand? You take in one 25,000 dinar note, and that exchanges @ $3+, so you have $75,000. When we have money, we spend it, so that is $65,000+ that you’ll spend instead of investing it. Instead of accidentally wasting $65,000, when we could wait another few days, the rate might be $6 instead of $3 – so really you are missing out on another 75,000 on that note because you exchanged it too early. So that is a 75K loss, plus the lost opportunity where you could have put that money to work. So when you add in the 10% you could have been earning on that $150, then over ten years that could be in the millions. You just need 10K, and don’t need it to be YOUR 10K, so go borrow it. It doesn’t matter what interest rate is, because it will be worth it to borrow that $10,000 for a week or so. That bank understands this, and you can work something out, like 10K @ 3% interest, and then you do your exchange and put it into a 10% interest account, then you have a 7% gain by using the bank’s money rather than your own. Not everyone will think this way, but you have everything to gain and nothing to gain if you reserve your exchange money, put it to work, and receive the income into perpetuity. So take a look at other ways to do that. Haste makes waste; stop, think, talk to the bank, and see if they can lend you 10K. If they say no, then you might do what’s necessary to pay off that debt or do the travel. But do the most favorable thing… instead of exchanging that one note, collateralize on it, and make that exchange money work fro you from day one. Have you heard about the Paris trip? That’s at the end of June, and we should exchange this week, so you’ll have plenty of time to sort that out. We have CDs coming out at 10%, and you know how safe those are! The very country we are waiting for to RV, they are paying 20% on some of their accounts right now! How can we get money over there to make 20%? We have to get out of the box, and explore new things we can do in banking and investing. We don’t’ have to go to the bank down the street, if they are only paying 1%, when possibly we can fly across the country and receive 10%? You can do one, the other, or both! We just need this RV to happen so we can get the real game started. This is nothing compared to where we are going after this… we just need the RV to happen first. That is the new beginning for many of us. 

702 caller: On an earlier call, someone mentioned the figure 50,000 – is that how many dinar holders there are? [Mistake: that article said 50 million.] 

RayRen: I’m sure it’s in the millions, dinar holders. 

Caller: That rate you mentioned, 90 cents, is that in Iraq? 

RayRen: Yes, those leaving the country are exchanging at 90 cents. 

601 caller: Is there a place in Louisiana to exchange your dinar? 

RayRen: I am pretty sure there is, when it is exchange time. I don’t think I actually have such a bank on my list of 46, but some of these don’t have a state. 

Closing Statement Exciting times! As for donations, at first I thought PayPal was targeting us, because they shut down our ability to receive donations on Friday, but they have been shutting down other companies and sites as well. 

However, it seems that is not the case. I think we won’t have the need for donations any longer, anyway. I really appreciate that some of you pushed through anyway, and of course some thought that this meant the RV occurred. 

I do think it will happen this week, don’t know if that will push us through to the banks right away, but definitely think we will be exchanging by the end of the month. 

This is not to put you into a frenzy; we always said we would tell you what’s happening, positive or negative, and based on my information, I do think this is happening very soon. 

If this doesn’t materialize by the end of this month, and we have bills to pay, then we’ll let you know about donations. I just don’t think that will be an issue. 

Twenty four hours is going to tell us a whole lot, and if there is something exciting to share with you, I will text it out to you. If not, we will be back on Wednesday to continue the saga. In the meantime, keep smiling; the end is in sight and we are rapidly approaching the phase of this trip that we have been looking for. I am ready for a new beginning. 

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